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3 Steps to Creating a Customer Feedback Strategy That Works for Your Front-line Team

The world is moving to a more digital and remote working environment. For agents, the transition can be tough, especially without real-time, customer feedback to keep them motivated while working in isolation.

During times like these, input at the front-line is the make-or-break check-mate for customer and employee satisfaction. But how do you know which customer feedback strategies would be best for your front-line team while working remotely?

Here are three simple steps to creating the perfect customer feedback strategy to keep your team engaged, no matter where they are.

Creating a Customer Feedback Strategy That Works for Your Front-line Team

Creating a Customer Feedback Strategy That Works for Your Front-line Team

1. Discover What Tools are Best for Your Team’s Needs

How do you collect customer feedback? After all, not all feedback tools are created equal. With so many different types of feedback collection methods, it’s easy to wonder which one would be right for your team. To create an effective customer feedback strategy, ask yourself what kind of system your team would respond best to and take it for a test drive. To simplify things, here are some of the most common methods for collecting customer feedback on the market today:

  •  Follow-up questionnaire forms
  •  Post-phone call surveys while the customer is still on the line
  •  Online surveys via a weblink
  •  Post-interaction surveys via email

Each of these feedback methods has its pros and cons, but there is one thing that they all have in common: typically, they only report back to the company, but not to the individual agents themselves. 

One of the critical things to keep in mind is this: your team will do best when they have access to feedback from their calls and chats. Make sure that whatever method you choose, feedback received is transparent to each agent. Knowing what feedback they’re receiving from customers will keep them motivated and accountable, especially while working from home.

Creating a Customer Feedback Strategy That Works for Your Front-line Team

2. Understand How Your Employees Like to Receive Feedback

Just like we all have individual and unique fingerprints, your employees learn and are motivated differently. One thing to consider is where they are in their employee journey. Are they a trainee who needs real-time coaching? Or maybe they’re a seasoned pro, and just need a little extra motivation as a pick-me-up throughout their day.

Or, maybe your team is a mix of both. Whatever the case may be,  there is a platform that provides coaching and motivation all under one roof. Stella Connect marries both real-time feedback with coaching to give your employees what they need no matter where they are in their employee journey.

When shopping for a new feedback system, it’s best to consider your individual employee needs and experience. Sometimes getting the CSAT scores you want can be as simple as turning up the dial on your agent engagement.

Creating a Customer Feedback Strategy That Works for Your Front-line Team

3. Utilize Customer Feedback as Real-Time Motivation

Feedback systems are powerful tools. By giving your organization insight into the things you may need to improve and the things that are going well, real-time feedback allows you to evolve with your customers’ ever-changing expectations. While this system is invaluable to the organization as a whole, imagine how much better it would be if your agents had access to it.

Adjust the lens of customer feedback to a microlevel and give your customer success teams real-time visibility into what they are doing right (and where they may need a little extra coaching). This can be a significant differentiator for companies that provide okay customer experiences to organizations that deliver great ones. 

Think about how it feels when your boss gives you a shoutout that says, “Hey, you did a great job with this!” Now picture that for your agents, except coming from a customer they helped and in real-time after the interaction. That positive feedback can make their day, and give them the motivation to continue to bring their A-game to each customer call, chat, or email. 

Customer Feedback and Agent Engagement Go Hand in Hand

Everyone needs that extra something to keep them motivated and engaged as we navigate this new normal, and for front-line agents, this is crucial to their success. The right customer feedback strategy will give your front-line agents the tools they need to not only stay motivated but delight customers with every call, at every touchpoint. 

Looking at what motivates your agents, how they like receiving feedback, and what the right tools look like for your remote customer success teams is critical; it’s the oil in the engine for all of your customer success strategies.