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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Team During Customer Service Appreciation Week

Every October, Customer Service Appreciation Week marks a full seven days dedicated to front-line customer service professionals, and for a good reason.

Customer service is typically the main customer-facing team of most organizations – they help your customers solve concerns from product bugs and missing packages, to billing concerns and product questions, and everything in between!

Their role is focused on helping customers reach their end-goal, whatever that may be, and delivering a remarkable experience across any and all support channels.

But when a team is so integral to the success of your business, how do you show your appreciation for the work they do each day?

Keep reading for 4 ways to celebrate and recognize your CX agents during Customer Service Appreciation Week that they’re sure to love.

4 Ways to Celebrate Your Team During Customer Service Appreciation Week

Celebrate Your Team During Customer Service Appreciation Week

1. Send (Virtual) ‘Thank You’s

Everyone loves getting mail, but not everyone loves getting email.

This Customer Service Appreciation Week, make an email your agents can look forward to.

Virtual thank you cards are a great way to recognize your team on a more individual level, sharing 

Our friends over at Zendesk have just the thing to get you started – their Thank You Machine lets you create customized cards to send to colleagues as an extra pick me up. You can choose from pre-populated text, or write your own, and create a character as unique as each of your agents.

Celebrate Your Team During Customer Service Appreciation Week

2. Financial Rewards, Like Gift Cards or Swag

While there are many ways to get creative, sometimes a financial incentive is the most natural form of recognition. Sales teams are incentivized by commission and spot bonuses, so customer experience teams should have the same opportunity, considering they are responsible for keeping customers happy post-sale.

However, if the budget does not allow for a robust bonus system, there are many ways to financially incentivize agents.

Consider sending each member of your team a new, team-exclusive piece of company swag, or gift cards to their favorite restaurant or retail establishment.

Going the extra mile to make this reward personalized will help your agents feel even more recognized, not only for their hard work but also for being themselves at work.

You can also enable your customers to inform your rewards strategy. Learn how Stella Connect seamlessly incorporates rewards into the customer feedback process.

Celebrate Your Team During Customer Service Appreciation Week

3. Recognition in Team or Company-Wide Communication

Customer Service Appreciation Week is only a few days, but appreciating your agents should be an ongoing activity for your business.

More often than not, despite being the face of your organization to your customers, the work of front-line agents is typically unseen by the broader company.

But there are a few ways you can ensure your agents get the recognition they deserve.

One method you can implement this Customer Service Appreciation Week is public shouts on your team’s communication platform, like Slack, or via an internal newsletter like our client ESPN.

When it comes to Slack shout-outs, modern technology makes it easier than ever to automate this process.

Drive Agent Engagement with the Slack Integration - which pushes positive messages into a Slack channel

Customer feedback platforms like Stella Connect integrate directly with your Slack platform to push positive feedback into team channels for everyone to see.

This allows your organization to rally behind agents who are going above and beyond to delight your customers or clients and deliver remarkable experiences.

Celebrate Your Team During Customer Service Appreciation Week

4. Let Agents Pick Their Own Rewards

If you’re simply at a loss for how to reward your agents this year, don’t fear: let your agents decide for themselves!

With platforms like Snappy, you can put the power in your agents’ hands to decide which perks or rewards resonate the most with them and automate the process in an easy, scalable way. 

Why Celebrating Customer Service Appreciation Week Matters

Customer Service Appreciation Week looks a little different in 2020 than it has in the past.

It’s no longer possible to decorate your agents’ desks before they show up to work, go out for a big team lunch or dinner, or even offer extra work from home days as a nice perk. 

While your means of celebrating this year may be more limited, it’s more important than ever that you do celebrate.

Working from home, unable to turn to the next desk over and ask a question, or chit chat over morning coffee, or even just have facetime across the broader organization is tough on everyone.

But by showing your appreciation for their hard work and celebrating your agents, you can help reignite their passion for their work and ensure they can stay engaged even while remote.

Ahead of the busy holiday season, make sure your agents understand how valued and important they are to your organization by using any (or all!) of the ideas we highlighted above to celebrate Customer Service Appreciation Week in style.