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6 Actually Cool Gifts for Your Team During Customer Service Appreciation Week

Customer Service Appreciation Week is here. How will you and your team celebrate? 

With research demonstrating a link between employee engagement and satisfaction and key outcomes like customer engagement and satisfaction, prioritizing employee rewards and recognition during Customer Service Appreciation Week and beyond can not only help your team feel valued, it can motivate them to keep offering up the best support for your customers. 

6 Customer Service Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Customer Service Appreciation Week, here are some of our favorite unique and fun gift ideas, inspired by best-in-class customer service leaders and our clients here at Stella Connect. 

#1: A recurring self-care gift subscription box

Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, with recurring bundles of joy that arrive straight to your employees’ doors or to the office. If you want to send your team members a small dose of self care, consider a Birchbox subscription. You’ll have the option of selecting from 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions for your colleagues.

#2: A wireless charging mouse pad 

Everyone deserves a little “desk flair” these days, and Uncommon Goods has plenty to choose from, including the Wooden Qi Wireless Mousepad, which can help your agents keep their phones fully charged, all within easy reach, right at their fingertips.

#3: An anti-fatigue standing mat

There can be a lot of benefits to standing while working, for your employees and your company. Doing so can help minimize the risk of heart disease, obesity, and back and neck issues, according to WebMD. And, one study of call center employees found that team members with standing desks were 45% more productive than those who sit, WebMD adds. 

Of course, standing can be hard on the body. Anti-fatigue mats, however, can help mitigate the effects of standing for long periods of time.

Stella Connect client Walmart has thousands of anti-fatigue standing mats to choose from, with styles ranging from whimsical and cheery to bold and modern.  

#4: Delicious food, delivered straight to their door

Your agents always deliver for you, and now you can, too. Stella Connect client Daily Harvest has a selection of gifts to choose from—including a gift box of scoops, which allows the recipient to choose any six pints from tempting flavors like cold brew and roasted espresso bean chip and vanilla and sticky, sweet salted caramel. 

With a custom gift box, your team members can choose nine healthy food items to be delivered to their home and, when in doubt, Daily Harvest has gift cards available as well. 

#5: A virtual class, tour, or experience

With Peek Virtual, you can book one-of-a-kind experiences for your remote customer service teams, wherever they are located in the world. Whether you’d like to try out group yoga, a virtual escape room, or a watercolor class, or go on a global history tour together, Peek Virtual can help you plan your team activity. 

Stella Connect client Williams-Sonoma also offers gift cards for virtual cooking classes, a great option for CX agents to enjoy on their own or for everyone to do together as a team bonding activity. 

#6: A catered team lunch in celebration of Customer Service Appreciation Week

With grab-and-go boxed lunch options designed for social distancing, ezCater has on-demand food ordering options for your Customer Service Appreciation Week team meal as well as recurring employee meals for teams of any size all over the U.S. 

Take Your Customer Service Appreciation to the Next Level

Holidays and special occasions offer an extra chance for you to really show your people how much you truly value their efforts, but there’s no reason not to make every week feel like Customer Service Appreciation Week. 

Get your copy of our Guide to Building a Rewards & Recognition Program to learn how recognizing your agents on a year-round basis can help improve team morale, retention, and performance. 

Guide to Building a Rewards & Recognition Program