Agent Motivation

Product Update: Words of Encouragement & QA

In response to the current global crisis, we reached out to the tens of thousands of frontline contact center workers who use Stella Connect to find out how we could support them. Their jobs are more challenging than ever as they work to help millions of people, often while working from home for the first time.

We heard loud and clear that teams are looking for more sources of positivity and motivation. We also received hundreds of encouraging messages that teams wanted to share.

Last week we launched a new feature built on their feedback – Words of Encouragement – that highlights their past amazing pieces of feedback and shares those encouraging messages. We hope that this feature will remind our users that they’re part of a global community of helpers, and give them an extra little daily dose of positivity.

We also released a number of QA product updates last week to follow up on our recent QA product launch.

Updated QA Reporting

QA reporting now provides granular insights into how team members are performing by scorecard section. This will help team leaders quickly dive into what sections team members excel in and what sections may need more coaching.

Read more about Stella Connect’s full QA features


Updated Assignments

We’ve added the ability to skip interactions within an assignment without disrupting workflow. This will help reviewers easily skip interactions that are maybe too short or solved by multiple team members.

We’ve also created the ability to set weekly assignment targets based on tags and the ability to exclude certain tags within an assignment. For example, users can now use tags to filter out any interactions that leveraged macros if they have a tag indicating a macro was used.

Calibration Consensus Scoring

We are also testing a feature that allows reviewers participating in a calibration session to see what questions had the most discrepancy ahead of their discussion.

We hope this feature will save teams even more time and make calibration sessions more efficient and focused.

To learn more about any of these features, schedule a product demo with a Stella Connect representative (or talk to your Account Manager if you are a client).