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Top 5 Best Quotes from Our Stella Summit

Last month, we hosted our annual Stella Summit 2020: Level Up.

Joining from the comfort of our homes, brands like Birchbox, sweetgreen, Walmart, ESPN, and more, gave us unprecedented insight into how they view the current customer experience landscape and how we can evolve in an increasingly digitally demanding world. 

Here are five of our favorite quotes from our Stella Summit:

On the Importance of Delivering a Great Customer (and Employee) Experience

“What [every client, every time; no exceptions, no excuses] means for us is: every team member – that’s our internal experience – every client – that’s our external experience – gets the very best that we have to offer at all times.” 
Dre Allen
Senior Director of Business Strategy at QuickenLoans


When talking about the importance of delivering a great experience both to your customers and your team members, there is no one better to discuss this with than Dre Allen. With over 16 years of experience under her belt, Dre understands the importance of making the employee experience just as great as their customer experience. One affects the other, after all.

“I want to have an effortless experience for customers and we should be able to do the same thing for our employees.”
Dave Harris
VP of Customer Care Operations at Walmart


Walmart has always prided itself on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Dave Harris is the leader in charge of making sure that this happens. He values his employees as much as the customers; he understands that a truly great customer experience starts with happy employees.

On How Happy Agents Create Happy Customers

“…people are actually happy. And now, when they pick up the phone or they’re chatting with one of your customers about a problem, that enthusiasm kind of comes through…I would say that you’re going to see a trend, and probably a better customer experience overall. Once some of these brands get a taste of it, I don’t think there’s any going back.”
Jen Duguay
Director of CX at sweetgreen


Jen is one of the CX leaders who embraced the work-from-home mindset needed to succeed in 2020 and during lockdown early on. She and her team have put employee experience on the map while working from home, to make sure that her team is delivering the very best experience possible while putting a positive spin on a tough situation.

Take your customer service strategy to the next level in 2021 with insights from Stella Summit 2020: Level Up.


On the Value of Investing in Your CX Tech Stack

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but having a true QA software is a complete game-changer.” 
Stephanie Wimp
Quality Assurance Team Leader at SmartPak


During SmartPak’s session about how QA can help to drive team performance, Stephanie emphasizes what a night and day difference having a QA solution was for her customer care team. Reporting helped SmartPak save time that they could now allocate to other projects, and closed that margin for error. Stephanie emphasized that they could “spend a lot more time on other things versus data collection, you know, more time on coaching our reps.”

On How to Better Coach and Train Front-line Agents

“I don’t want to catch them doing wrong. I want to coach them, either reward good behavior, or help them find ways to improve upon their current behaviors.” 
Micah Citti
Manager of Customer Operations at ESPN


When talking about Building a Feedback Driven Culture, Micah put heavy emphasis on the use of positive reinforcement on his team over fear. In order to help your agents grow, you need to give them the training, resources, tools, and empowerment to really own that growth.

He closes his address with: “Over time, agents, through quality training and with QA, can seek whether or not there are certain areas where they can improve and do better in. And we have a program that allows our agents to have a pathway to success and emulate that and showcase that with our fans every day.”

Delivering Great Customer Experiences in 2021

Listening to leaders talk about employee and customer experience motivates all of us to be better and deliver the best experiences possible every day.

If you want to level up your customer and employee experiences, why not learn from the best? Inspire yourself and your team by checking out our full sessions from Stella Summit 2020: Level Up.