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4 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Customer Service Team

Customer service is a major driver of customer experience, customer loyalty, and long-term business success. That’s why investing in customer service is essential to improving customer outcomes. The good news is, little changes can make a big difference with your customer service team.

In fact, here are 4 small moves you can put in motion right away to step up your team’s customer service performance and engagement ASAP.

4 Ways to Make a Big Difference With Your Customer Service Team Performance

#1: Let your customer service agents see the immediate impact they have on the customer experience

Customer service teams wield a great deal of influence over the customer experience, making the work they contribute critical to any organization’s key outcomes. In fact, when we commissioned a research study of more than 2,100 consumers in the US and UK to uncover the latest customer service trends, we found that customer service is a key factor that impacts purchasing decisions for nearly all customers. 

95% of consumers across the US and UK say customer service is a major factor/somewhat of a factor when making a purchase from a brand

Source: 2021 Stella Connect by Medallia survey of 2,100 consumers in the US and UK

Yet it’s not always easy for agents to see the value of their work. That’s why brands like Birchbox collect real-time customer feedback and democratize access to these insights for their frontline workers, so they can know how they’re performing in the moment. Making this little change has helped Birchbox improve customer satisfaction and sentiment. 

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#2: Be there for your people when they need it

Customer preferences and needs are constantly changing, and it’s up to savvy brands to keep up, and that includes providing ongoing training for customer service so they can best meet shifting customer expectations. But still, many customer service organizations offer training sessions infrequently, often in large group settings. 

Stella Connect client RevZilla has introduced one little change that’s making a difference with the company’s customer service team. Now, in addition to monthly training sessions, managers leverage real-time customer feedback to drive 1:1 micro-coaching sessions throughout the day. 

This small change means that agents who need support don’t have to wait to get actionable strategies to help them do their jobs better. And RevZilla has seen incredible results, achieving:

  • 15% increase in first contact resolution
  • $200K in labor savings by improving customer service engagement and productivity
  • 3% increase to QA scores that were already 90%+

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#3: Demystify your review process

QA is often a time-consuming process that can take weeks to complete and only captures a fraction of an agent’s interactions. As a result, it’s hard for employees to gain insights into their performance and into what concrete next steps they should take. 

Advanced solutions like Stella Connect’s real-time customer feedback, coaching, and QA platform enables organizations to conduct QA reviews in the moment and share the findings right away, so agents get valuable pointers and learn from their reviews ASAP. Because our platform ties together QA and coaching, employees can get a true 360-degree view of their performance. This technology has helped SmartPak accelerate the process of QA reviews, enabling them to be completed within 24 to 48 hours of any given interaction, and, as a result, the company has seen phone and email evaluation scores jump by 7% and 6%, respectively. 

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#4: Let them know you care and give them small incentives to keep delivering their very best

With today’s increasingly remote workforce and growing rates of employee turnover and disengagement, it’s clear—every organization needs an employee rewards and recognition program. Especially when you consider the wealth of research that has found links between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Initiatives that strengthen customer service engagement can work wonders when it comes to bolstering customer satisfaction and reducing agent attrition. 

For ideas on little changes that can make a big difference for your customer service team, check out these 12 Rewards and Recognition Ideas for Customer Service Teams. Two of our favorite tactics? Providing positive recognition (such as shoutouts on Slack) along with customer-powered rewards.

See How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Your Customer Service Team Performance

What do Mercedes-Benz, Walmart, and Postmates have in common? These Stella Connect clients are all customer service-focused brands that are continuously finding new ways to keep their customer service teams engaged, drive customer satisfaction and other KPIs, and foster both the employee and customer experience.

Request your Stella Connect demo today and see for yourself how our powerful real-time customer feedback, QA, and coaching tools have helped these organizations boost performance and engagement and how we can help your brand, too.