Stella Connect and Medallia Introduce Customer Feedback and Sentiment Analysis

Almost half (48%) of Stella Connect survey responses include comments. This qualitative feedback helps paint a better picture of what’s going on in customer interactions beyond simply knowing if a customer was satisfied or not. Customer survey comments offer valuable data that uncovers the needs and frustrations of a customer, providing key insights on how to improve the customer experience. 

The Problem

Trying to gain insights from the qualitative feedback you’re receiving from customers can be extremely manual and time-consuming. It’s also difficult to accurately summarize learnings and effectively share them with the greater organization. As a result, improvements are often siloed within individual agents or (at best) teams.

The Solution 

This is why we have created a solution that enables you to do more with your customer feedback comments at scale. 

The combined power of Medallia’s Text Analytics and Stella Connect empowers organizations to quickly identify trends across customer survey comments, uncover blind spots, and prioritize the top opportunities for improvement. These learnings can easily be shared across the organization, and even with executives, to influence business decisions and proactively address customer issues.

Identify the Opportunities That Matter

Identify the Opportunities That Matter 

Leave the days of manually combing through and analyzing customer survey comments in the past. Instead, leverage this bundled solution to automatically detect macro-level themes and sentiments from qualitative feedback you’re receiving from customers at scale. Pinpoint key learnings, uncover blind spots, and surface issues from customer survey comments to make changes where they matter most and stay ahead of changing customer priorities.

Share Across the Entire Organization

Share Across the Entire Organization 

Learnings are no longer siloed within the customer service team. This solution allows you to easily share insights from the front-line with the broader organization with role-specific workflows – from executive-level insights to individual team member feedback. This solution enables democratization of data to help prioritize investments across the business, inform broader company strategy, and identify needs for scaled training.

Drive Operational Efficiencies 

Stella Connect & Medallia’s Text Analytics have created a unified solution that eliminates the need to export your data from one place to make sense of it in another.

The time spent manually conducting data analysis could be better invested in other important initiatives by automating the process of aggregating insights across the front-line. Overall call volume can also be reduced by understanding the “why” behind CSAT and surfacing issues, themes, and trends at scale.

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