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15 Customer Service Appreciation Week Ideas for Every Budget

During Customer Service Appreciation Week, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate your frontline agents who deliver best-in-class experiences for your customer day in and day out. 

Looking for ways to celebrate Customer Service Appreciation Week that will fit your budget? Here are some of our favorite free and low-cost ideas for recognizing customer service agents inspired by our partners at ESPN, FabFitFun, Earnin, Yext, Brooklinen, and Lane Bryant that you can put to use to reward your people now—and on a year-round basis.

Free Customer Service Appreciation Week Ideas 

Give a personal shoutout to agents…

1. …on Slack. Take a cue from local listings platform Yext, a company that recognizes its customer service employees by posting positive customer comments the team receives in the organization’s Slack. 

2. …in company-wide emails. Our client ESPN acknowledges team members in round-up emails sent to everyone within the organization.

3. And Yext also shines a spotlight on agents who receive top customer ratings…at all-hands meetings.

4. …and over social media. Customer Service Appreciation Week is a great time to profile your agents on your company’s social media accounts. Taking things one step further, you can also encourage happy customers to share their positive experiences across social media.

Brighten up your employees’ day

5. Give them a good feeling when they open their inbox with a virtual thank you e-card expressing your gratitude for their contributions. 

Give out work perks, like…

6. …extra work from home days for employees who aren’t 100% remote.

7. …1:1 meeting opportunities with a mentor or role model within the company for a chance for team members to explore their growth and career potential. 

8. …additional time off, whether that’s a longer lunch break, an early sign-off, or extra vacation days. 

Low-Cost Customer Service Appreciation Week Ideas 

9. Send a physical thank you card in the mail or leave a hand-written thank you on their desk at work. With more teams working remotely or in hybrid environments, this kind of personal touch can go the extra mile in helping your people feel more connected.

10. Offer your agents the chance to give their workspace a mini makeover by sending “desk flair” to their home or handing out fun items at the office, giving everyone a fun chance to “deskorate” their space, whether they’re logging on from home or in person.

11. Host a team-wide party. From catered in-person team meetings to virtual cooking classes, escape rooms, and tours, the possibilities are endless for fully remote, hybrid, and in-person teams. 

Give the gift of…

12. …branded swag. Who doesn’t love a freebie? Whether you opt for a classic branded T-shirt or company water bottles or chargers to help your colleagues stay hydrated or fully charged throughout the day, these little extras are a great way to surprise and delight your team. 

13. …digital gift cards. Follow the example of Earnin, the fintech company that lets customers pick what rewards its customer service agents should receive for a job well done.

14. …company products. Customer- and agent-centric retailers Brooklinen and Lane Bryant give out product freebies to their customer service agents to boost both their product knowledge and company pride.

Splurge Customer Service Appreciation Week Ideas

15. Offer bonuses or cash rewards. Leading brands like ESPN and FabFitFun give their customer service team members the chance to earn rewards like cash prizes, bonuses, and awards based on their customer ratings and QA scores. 

Level Up Your Customer Service Appreciation Efforts, Every Week of the Year

Treat every week like it’s Customer Service Appreciation Week, and your employees, your customers, and your entire company stand to benefit.   

Especially when you consider that researchers have found a connection between employee engagement and satisfaction and key outcomes like customer satisfaction. It’s no surprise then that today’s customer experience leaders take the time to recognize and reward their employees all year long to ensure everyone on the team feels valued and motivated to keep on providing exceptional customer service. 

Check out our must-read Guide to Building a Rewards & Recognition Program to see first hand how acknowledging and celebrating your customer service agents throughout the year can help drive gains in employee retention and performance.