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10 Customer Service Resources That You Need to Know

For customer service professionals, one of the most important things you can do for your success is to stay on top of the latest news and trends in the industry.

Whether that means catching up with your favorite CX podcast over your morning coffee, reading a few blog posts over lunch, or picking up a good old fashioned book, there are hundreds of customer service resources out there that can help you do just that.

If you’re not sure where to start, never fear. We’re sharing our top 10 customer service resources that you need to know, whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or just learning the ropes.

Top 10 Customer Service Resources to Check Out Today

Podcasts and Videos

The Modern Customer Experience podcast is full of lessons on delivering great customer experiences, keeping your brand top of mind with prospective customers, and insight into the latest customer service trends and industry research to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Our favorite: How Birchbox Meets Customers Where They Are

Mark your calendars to tune into The Experience Maker Show weekly on Thursdays for in-the-moment conversations focused on creating authentic connections with customers, improving loyalty and retention, and personalizing your customer service experience.

Our favorite: Living at the Intersection of Marketing and Customer Experience with Ann Handley

If understanding the inner workings of your customers’ minds is your favorite part of CX, The Intuitive Customer Podcast is for you. Catch up on episodes that dive into why behavioral science is key to better customer experiences and how to build customer relationships that last.

Our favorite: This is the One Thing to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2021


Often touted as a must-read for anyone in a customer-facing role, The Effortless Experience dives into the real drivers of customer loyalty, the importance of an effortless customer experience, and the bottom-line value of delivering great support interactions along the way.

Our favorite: Chapter 4 – Just Because There’s Nothing You Can Do Doesn’t Mean There’s Nothing You Can Do

We all know customer experience is a differentiator for today’s brands, but what does that actually mean, and how can your brand offer customer experiences that are second to none? Matt Watkinson dives into ten core principles behind offering great customer experiences, with real-world examples of how to start implementing them for your business today.

Our favorite: Chapter 12 – Great Customer Experiences Put the Customer in Control

The title of this one may seem like a bold or shocking claim, but trust us on this one. Gitomer makes the claim that satisfied customers and loyal customers are different and that the techniques to build customer loyalty are just as distinct, but of the utmost importance to businesses of any size.

Our favorite: Chapter 10 – It’s Not the Apology That Matters…It’s the Recovery that Counts


For insight into tactical best practices, lessons on how the industry is changing, and in-depth knowledge of the customer service industry, look no further than CX Journey. Their blog features a mix of actionable lessons and high-level musings sure to get your own wheels turning about how your brand approaches service and your customer experience.

Our favorite: How to Take Action on Your Customer Feedback

If you’re looking for a mix of voices and perspectives on the latest industry news, Shep Hyken’s blog is a great place to start. Each week, Shep curates his top 5 customer service resources from around the internet to help readers keep a pulse on the latest trends.

Out favorite: The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Customer Service

For even more insights across various voices, authors, and perspectives, CustomerThink is the perfect place to go. Their blog covers everything from customer experience to engagement to CX technology, all with a customer service-centric focus.

Our favorite: Grow Customer Loyalty with Customer Experience: How to Make and Sell the Secret Sauce

Yep, that’s us! Here at Stella Connect, we’re always working to share tips, tricks, and trends for the customer service world. From data-backed insights to, our curated customer service resources are built to help everyone from front-line agents to CX executives think deeply about how to increase customer satisfaction, transform their service team, and keep customers coming back.Our favorite: 6 Rules for Collecting Better Customer Feedback (And What to Do With It)