Does Your Contact Center Have Execuvision?

Modern contact centers can quickly become silos without even realizing it. Particularly when customer service teams are located in a different office – or even a different country – than the rest of the operation, it’s easy for a disconnect to form.

As a contact center manager, you can optimize efficiency, profit, and employee satisfaction until your center is a well-oiled machine, but if those insights aren’t being passed up the chain, you’re missing valuable opportunities. If you’ve found yourself in this boat, what your center lacks is execuvision.

What is Execuvision?

Execuvision is exactly what it sounds like: the concept of C-level executives within your organization having visibility into your call center activities. Almost all contact centers technically have a means for executing on this idea, but very few are proactive about it. Proactivity is what gets your team’s work recognized.

As a contact center manager, you know how much your team matters. But does everyone within the organization? Without actively promoting your team’s wins (and asking for collaboration in solving complex roadblocks), you’re not holding up your half of the execuvision bargain.

Why should you advocate for your C-suite to care what goes on in the call center? Consider the following statistics:

Better execuvision into your contact center’s activities doesn’t just raise the profile of your team, it can actually ensure the success of your entire company.

The Virtuous Cycle of Execuvision

It’s important to shine a light on your team’s hard work, but it’s also critical to keep the spotlight on customer service as a whole. When done properly, it’s a revenue driver, not a line-item. If you’re not sharing your insights with your company’s CEO and other leadership, you’re inadvertently diminishing the role customer service plays in everything the business does.

Effective execuvision is a virtuous cycle. If your CEO doesn’t know your agents improved first call resolution by over 30% last month, how can she give your team positive reinforcement? And not only that, how can she evangelize for customer service in leadership pow-wows, in board meetings, or to investors?

By proactively and succinctly sharing your team’s wins with upper management, you invite praise. A CEO who knows a particular agent improved his Stella Connect rating 10% over the course of six months is more likely to reach out over Slack channel or email to congratulate that agent directly. These small-but-tangible moments of recognition make your agents feel connected, appreciated, and most importantly, engaged.

How to Drive Execuvision Within Your Contact Center

Before you can pass along the news of your team’s accomplishments, you’ve got to have a reliable way to measure them. Upper management doesn’t know what to do with nebulous talk of the call center “going great” or “having a good week,” they need data to prove the point. A system like Stella Connect ensures you’re gathering the metrics you need to show off your team…and also to continue improving.

It’s important not to forget that execuvision goes both ways. More visibility into your contact center’s successes means more eyes on its challenges. It’s time to stop thinking of this as a bad thing.

When the data highlights a problem, consider how passing it up the totem pole can help solve it. Myopic thinking will only give you myopic solutions; if you want your contact center to be respected as a critical piece of the business operations puzzle, you’ve got to be prepared to put it out there. Everyone’s on the same team, and asking for help will get buy-ins from people elsewhere within the organization. This moves things forward while simultaneously adding value to your team.

What’s the best way to keep the lines of communication open with your CEO and the rest of the C-suite? The way that gets them to take notice! It could be as simple as a monthly email roundup of key metrics garnered from your CX rating software, or even a quarterly presentation to a boardroom full of investors. You’ll know it’s working once you start getting feedback. If no one’s paying attention, try another way.

Remember, it’s your job to ensure your team gets the recognition it deserves.

The Right Technology is Key

You can’t herald what you don’t know. Understanding your team’s key strengths – as well as its weaknesses – is actually what guarantees its viability. Stella Connect is empowering contact center managers to give credit where credit is due and to advocate more effectively for their own teams. If recognition is essential for an engaged, fulfilled workforce of agents, Stella Connect is how you justify it.