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How to Reduce Attrition in a Call Center (and Keep it Low)

Customer service agent turnover is notoriously high. That’s why companies that know how to reduce attrition in a call center—and keep it low—have an advantage. After all, research shows that churn costs businesses $15,000 per agent that resigns. That can add up quickly, with attrition rates in call centers as high as 30 to 45%—or double the national rate for all other types of workers. 

So what are some of the most effective ways to reduce attrition in a call center and keep it low? For answers, Customer Contact Week (CCW) Digital turned to contact center executives and leaders from related fields in operations, marketing, digital strategy, and IT to understand what steps they’re taking to tackle high agent turnover. CCW Digital published their findings as part of “Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast,” a report sponsored by our team here at Stella Connect by Medallia.

Here are the top strategies they shared.

Want to Know How to Reduce Attrition in a Call Center? 5 Ways to Keep it Low

#1: Elevate your call center training and coaching

About 44% of the contact center leaders CCW Digital surveyed say they are focusing on improving call center training and coaching as a way to boost agent retention. 

Ready to step up your call center training? Check out these handy guides:

#2: Provide a clear career path

It’s the age of the employee and the Great Resignation, and one powerful tool employers can use to retain their best people is to offer clear career path options. That’s an approach 37% of leaders surveyed by CCW Digital plan to use. 

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#3: Strengthen agent motivation 

Research presented in the “Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast” report indicates that more than one in three contact center leaders (38%) plan to increase their team building efforts and a similar percent (37%) intend to expand their agent perks, rewards, and, incentives as tactics to reduce attrition in the call center.

Some of our favorite low-effort ways to strengthen agent motivation?

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#4: Create an employee rewards and recognition program

Employee rewards and recognition programs offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reducing agent attrition
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Elevating customer satisfaction

It’s no wonder then that a greater share of companies plan to increase perks and rewards for employees (37%) than those that are considering boosting their employees’ base compensation (21%), according to “Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast.” 

Want to offer rewards and recognition that will really make a difference when it comes to reducing attrition in your call center? Check out the following resources that dive into this important topic:

#5: Empower your people with insights and ownership over their agent-level performance 

More than one in three contact center leaders surveyed by CCW Digital say they want to improve their call center metrics, score cards, and performance reviews and another one in four say they want to give employees more autonomy to help reduce agent attrition.

These are efforts, which has hundreds of customer service agents and enjoys an impressive overall customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, has taken. The company empowers the call center team by offering agents insight into their real-time, agent-level feedback

Getting customer feedback directly in the hands of employees can improve agent engagement by letting team members see the immediate impact of their work and help them easily pinpoint what they’re getting right and where there’s room for improvement, eliminating potential confusion, doubt, and ambiguity that might otherwise contribute to agent stress, burnout, and, ultimately, churn. 

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