Agent Motivation

How to Streamline Your Customer Service Rewards Program

Building an effective customer service rewards program means juggling multiple tasks all at the same time.

Between finding new and unique gift options, staying on budget, managing reward criteria, and – last but certainly not least – the actual fulfillment of sending gifts to your agents, it can be challenging for leaders to stay on top of it all.

Recognition has the power to drive performance and business success. Regardless of size or budget, there are countless ways to recognize your agents for all they do.

Keep reading for our tips on how to streamline your customer service rewards program to keep your agents motivated, engaged, and inspired.

Powering Agent Incentives with Customer Feedback

It’s crucial to establish criteria for recognition and rewards to ensure that the process is fair and impartial.

The most common way to power your rewards selection is using real-time customer feedback to guide your rewards program. Not only is the data personalized and plentiful (40% or more of customers respond to survey requests), but there’s never any question as to who should receive rewards.

The combined benefits of a feedback-based rewards program make it a particularly effective way to drive employee engagement and performance. 

When you put the power of rewards into your customers’ hands, you’re giving them an opportunity to really solidify an emotional connection with your brand. And when your agents are able to see that feedback as it comes in, coupled with a reward for delivering a great experience for that customer, they’re reinvigorated about their role within your organization and the impact they can have on overall business performance.

Platforms like Stella Connect also pull the star ratings into an easy-to-use rewards platform, making it even easier to identify reward recipients.

Finding a Gifting Platform That Your Frontline Team Loves

Speaking of rewards platforms, it’s crucial for businesses to find a gifting platform that their frontline team really loves.

Technology has changed the way that contact centers operate, and this extends to the tools used for agent engagement, rewards, and recognition. There are now solutions that can help streamline every aspect of the process –– from identifying top performers to sending out the actual rewards.

One of our favorite tools to help you build out your rewards and recognition program is Snappy.

Snappy is a gifting platform that lets employees choose their own reward from a curated collection of top-rated options in your selected budget range. Choices range from local experiences to international getaways to today’s top products like Google Home Mini and Amazon Fire Tablets. 

With platforms like Snappy, you can put the power in your agents’ hands to decide which perks or rewards resonate the most with them and automate the process in an easy, scalable way.

Using the Power of Stella Connect and Snappy

With Stella Connect and Snappy, it’s simpler than ever to recognize, motivate, and engage your agents with a rewards program.

As agents earn rewards for providing outstanding customer experiences and managers mark those rewards as fulfilled in Stella Connect, our platform will prompt Snappy to let them know it’s time to send the agent their reward.

Gone are the days of racking your brain for new gift ideas and running around trying to ensure gift cards are fulfilled for your team in a timely fashion. Now, managers can spend less time managing manual fulfillment of rewards, and more time celebrating their teams’ successes.

See how the power of Stella Connect and Snappy can revolutionize and streamline your customer service rewards program today.