Agent Motivation

How to Supercharge Your Front-Line Team in 2019

As a contact center leader, the end of the year can be a stressful time, particularly for those in retail who are dealing with increased demand and juggling temporary staff. Despite these pressures, contact center leaders need to also focus on planning for the new year ahead.

If you’re feeling the pressure of 2019 planning, this post is designed to help. We’ll give you a sneak peek into why building Stella Connect into your 2019 plan will deliver substantial cost savings across your contact center, turn you into a hero with your C-Suite, and help you build a happier and more productive front-line team.

Stella Connect in under 50 words

Before diving in, here’s a very brief overview of Stella Connect: Stella Connect collects feedback on individual agents from customers after every service interaction. This feedback is shared in real-time with agents, team leaders and supervisors in a way that motivates teams and transforms coaching and QA.

Here’s how Stella Connect can be a game changer for your contact center in 2019:

Build a more engaged front-line team

By sharing customer feedback directly with agents, you’ll build a more motivated and engaged front-line team. Gamified features like performance leaderboards and customer-directed rewards will deliver a further boost to morale.

Save Money by Reducing Agent Attrition

Building a more motivated and engaged front-line team will drive down agent attrition rates across your contact center. If you run an outsourced team, you’ll retain your most valuable agents – those with knowledge on your products and policies; if you run an inhouse team, reductions in attrition will deliver substantial cost savings. The average cost of hiring and onboarding a new agent is $15,000 meaning that any reduction in attrition can have a meaningful impact on your contact center budget.

Stella Connect drives down agent attrition for startups like UncommonGoods through to billion dollar public companies like Williams-Sonoma. One Stella Connect client, Swanson Health Products, saw a 25% reduction in attrition in the first year of using Stella Connect. You can find out more here.

“Stella Connect gives us unmatched visibility into our agents’ performance and helps us deliver more effective 1:1 coaching. Agents love receiving the recognition and more tailored coaching and this has translated into higher levels of engagement, improved service delivery and a 25% improvement in attrition rates.”
Greg German
Customer Service Center Manager, Swanson Health Products

Save Money by Scaling Your Team More Effectively

Stella Connect feedback requests generate up to 50% response rates, which will give your team leaders and QA staff unmatched visibility into agent performance. Having this real-time pulse on performance will not only transform agent coaching and 1:1 meetings, but will also enable you to increase your agent:manager ratio. Planning on hiring more team leaders or QA staff in 2019? What if you could use Stella Connect to save the headcount costs while also improving productivity and visibility?

In a fireside chat with Stella Connect CEO, Jordy Leiser, Warby Parker’s head of customer experience revealed how the increased visibility into performance delivered through Stella Connect drove headcount savings across the QA team. You can read a summary of this fireside chat here.

““Using Stella Connect has transformed the QA process for Warby Parker, allowing us to reduce resources needed to evaluate the quality of interactions.”
Mara Castro
Senior Director of Customer Experience, Warby Parker


Delight Your Customers and Improve Your NPS

By building more motivated agents and empowering team leaders to deliver more effective coaching, Stella Connect will improve your service delivery. Customers will be delighted, repeat contacts will go down, and you’ll see a measurable uptick in your NPS.

Williams-Sonoma is one of many clients who improved their NPS by using Stella Connect. By delivering more targeted coaching and service recovery powered by Stella Connect, the company saw a 50% improvement in their NPS. You can read more here.

“The real-time agent-level feedback empowers our managers like never before and drives self-correcting behavior across our front-line team. The results: a more engaged and higher performing team, which translates into more satisfied and loyal customers.”
Craig Barnes
SVP of Customer Care, Williams-Sonoma

Make Yourself a Hero with Your C-Suite

If driving up your NPS and delivering cost savings across your contact center isn’t enough to earn you praise across your C-Suite, Stella Connect also provides a depth of customer feedback that can be used to drive product innovation.

Shaving company, Harry’s, uses Stella Connect’s customer feedback as a key tool for listening to customers and shaping the development of new products. In a recent webinar with Stella Connect and Zendesk, Harry’s CX leader, Nick Martin shared some insights into how this process works at Harry’s. To listen to a recording of this webinar, click here.

“A lot of our five-year evolution is on the back of our customer insights and feedback from our customer experience team, and the tools we actually use.”
Nick Martin
Customer Experience, Harry’s