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How to Increase Response Rates for Post-Interaction Customer Feedback Surveys

Sending customer feedback surveys after phone, email, or chat interactions is a great way to gather performance insights on your front-line team. Responses from these feedback requests can be used to increase team morale and underpin hiring and customer service training programs.

To ensure that the feedback you collect reflects a true and representative sample, it’s crucial to strive for the highest response rates possible. Here are a few easy guidelines to follow to maximize the volume of your post-interaction feedback:

  • Time is Of The Essence: Make sure to send feedback requests quickly. Customers are most likely to have clear recall of their interaction immediately after their call, email, or chat has ended. Waiting hours, days, or weeks to send a feedback request significantly decreases response rates, and consumers who do respond after such a delay are less likely to provide feedback that’s truly reflective of their experience.
  • Make It Personal: In the sea of emails that consumers receive each day, those that appear to have been sent from a real human stand out. Consumers want to know that their feedback matters, and if a real person rather than a nameless, faceless organization is asking for their feedback, they’re much more likely to respond!
  • Keep It Simple: The best feedback requests are short, to the point, and take less than one minute to respond to. Incorporating images and as few words as possible makes it easy for customers to provide their feedback quickly and easily.
  • Optimize for Mobile: With more than half of all emails now opened on mobile, it’s vital to make sure your survey looks sharp and is easy to complete from a small screen.

These are just some of the rules we use across our Stella Connect product to drive response rates of 40-60%. Find out more here