Agent Motivation

Recognize Agents for Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is here! If you’re like most other CX leaders, you may have been too busy to plan out a big celebration. We get it, it’s hard enough to find time in the day to grab lunch. The good news is, it’s never too late to do something to thank your team for all their hard work.

To help you recognize your team, we’re sharing 11 easy (and last minute) ways to commemorate Customer Service Week.

1. Nominate Agents for Rewards

Even if you don’t have the time and resources to allocate to Customer Service Week festivities, many other organizations do. Take advantage of what’s already out there and nominate your agents to win prizes and recognition across the industry.

2. Thank You Cards

A simple gesture goes a long way, so set aside an hour to crank out handwritten notes thanking each of your customer service representatives for their work. Personalize each note by including anecdotes, specific callouts, and anything you know about each agent’s interests outside of work. Trust us, this will make your agents feel extremely valued.

3. Leadership Recognition

Send a quick note to your leadership team to explain the purpose of Customer Service Week and ask them to take a moment to recognize your team. All it takes is a company-wide email, Slack message, or even an in-person visit from an executive to make your team feel valued.

4. Social Media Takeover

Work with your marketing team to feature some of your team members on social media. Whether it’s an explicit shoutout, a group photo of your team, or some silly photos from around the contact center, highlighting your team on social media shows them that they are valued by the organization.

5. Customer Feedback Collage

Print out some of the top customer feedback you’ve received and create a collage to hang in the contact center. This shows your team that you notice and appreciate all of their work, and gives you something to keep in your office as a constant reminder of their successes.

Feedback is captured on the Connect dashboard to drive agent engagement


6. Involve Other Departments

Encourage other departments to commemorate Customer Service Week. Work with different department heads to encourage their teams to recognize their colleagues in customer service. It can be simple thank you emails, sending them cookies, or even social media recognition. While time is short this year, use this as an opportunity to raise awareness throughout your company and set the stage for an even bigger celebration next year.

7. Breakfast in Bed Desk

All it takes is an electric griddle, a box of pancake mix, and a spatula to delight your agents with a pancake breakfast. If that still feels like too much effort, simply bring in bagels or a box of donuts. Sharing breakfast with your team sets the tone for a great day and is sure to make your agents smile.

8. Vote on a Team Outing

While it might be too late to actually do a last-minute outing, you can generate excitement for your next team bonding activity. Have your agents vote on their next team outing (escape the room, anyone?) and do a grand reveal at the end of the week.

9. Kick Off the Halloween Festivities

Bring your team together with Halloween-themed activities. Spend some time decorating the contact center together, or take an afternoon to paint pumpkins as a team. This will give your agents valuable bonding time and also get them excited for the upcoming holiday.

10. Host a Potluck

While you probably don’t have time to plan a full-fledged party, there are still ways to celebrate as a team without too much heavy lifting. Organize a lunchtime or end-of-day potluck where everyone brings in a dish of their choosing.

11. Contact Center Superlatives

Superlatives are a fun way to recognize employee achievements and also spread some cheer. From “most likely to win over an angry customer” to “most likely to have a messy desk” you can highlight agent achievements and recognize their unique personalities. Keep awards positive, but don’t be afraid to include inside jokes and funny memories.

Recognition is a crucial way to keep your customer service team engaged and motivated. While Customer Service Week provides a perfect opportunity for this, agent recognition should be an ongoing initiative. It doesn’t take much, there are plenty of simple yet effective ways to reward your agents for all they do.