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Stella Connect + Zendesk: A Winning Combo

The recently launched Stella Connect + Zendesk integration creates a powerful new tool for customer-focused companies. It’s a marriage between a platform designed specifically to improve the customer experience and one ideal for improving the agent experience. Where those two things come together, service excels.

The Stella Connect team recently hosted a live webinar to discuss specifics of the integration. Let’s look at a few of the key insights gleaned from Suraj Savalia, Stella Connect’s Director of Product, and Alex Richards, a Stella Connect Sales Engineer.

Stella Connect and Zendesk: Better Together

Stella Connect and Zendesk are a natural fit, so much so, in fact, that Zendesk was a key investor in Stella’s recent successful funding round. The exciting new integration between the two tools benefits customers, brands, and contact centers alike. A few of the notable goals of the integration include:

  • Automate collection of agent-level customer feedback
  • Drive agent engagement and motivation
  • Deliver more effective coaching
  • Enrich Zendesk tickets and customer profiles
  • Power service recovery programs to improve customer satisfaction

Where Are the Synergies Between Stella and Zendesk?

Stella Connect creates a humanized experience for brands to help capture customer feedback after every interaction. Stella customers enjoy 30-50% survey response rates, unparalleled in the industry, and receive about 40% of that feedback in fewer than 30 minutes. Explains Suraj:

“The behavior that we generally see is than an agent is in Zendesk for a majority of their time, and then every once they switch over to Stella Connect to see if they’ve gotten any new feedback to take some actions on that.”
Suraj Suvalia
Stella Connect


That feedback flows in real-time to dashboards accessible by both agents and managers. It provides actionable data – much of it positive! – that can be used to reinforce what’s working well and identify what needs improving in the contact center experience. These insights roll up to leadership who can micro-coach teams and individual agents in a highly-specific way.

Where Stella works tirelessly to improve the overall agent experience, Zendesk is laser-focused on customer experience, the Zendesk suite of tools, particularly the new Zendesk Sunshine, an open, flexible CRM platform for personalizing customer experiences, uses data to enhance a customer’s every touchpoint. Sunshine’s Customer Profiles provide incredibly granular information about every customer while Events help tell a customer’s story across an easy-to-follow timeline.

Where Zendesk’s technology strengthens the customer relationship by providing agents with more personalized data points, Stella Connect’s platform improves those agents’ abilities to provide effective service through real-time feedback. Both add inherent value for the customer.

With shared commitments to elevating the customer’s experience through agent empowerment, it’s no wonder then that Stella and Zendesk already serve a number of the same high-profile clients like ESPN, HARRY’S, Yext, and FabFitFun.

Zendesk and Stella Connect Working Hand-in-Hand

Integration will allow clients to optimize their experience with both Stella Connect and Zendesk. When any kind of interaction is fed into Zendesk, that information will initiate a trigger to Stella Connect which will then send out a survey to that customer. Explains Alex:

“We can capture really great feedback about your agents to make sure we can help facilitate training, coaching, rewards, and recognition.”
Alex Richards
Stella Connect


A few key functionalities of the integration include:

Automate Triggering of Feedback Requests

No need to manually re-enter information into a separate system every time an interaction is completed in Zendesk. Integrated platforms mean it’s all seamlessly ported over to Stella Connect.

From there, a highly-personalized survey is sent out that creates a really human experience for the customer. These surveys can be brand-specific, can link back to a customer’s original ticket, and can even support multiple languages.

Flow Feedback Into Your Zendesk Instance

Says Alex, “It’s really important to be able to show Stella feedback against tickets after support interactions.” Stella has the ability to automatically push information back into Zendesk after an interaction. This data can be used to cut custom reports and it’s even Zendesk Explore compatible.

Create a Service Recovery Workflow

Service recovery workflows are a very popular feature among Stella’s clients. When a less-than-stellar interaction happens, a workflow can automatically be created within Zendesk that’s designed specifically to address the kind of issue at-hand. The ticket can fall directly into a queue where a team or group uses the feedback to follow up with customer in a specific way.

When these workflows are closed they can issue out a second survey to customers to measure sentiment change. Sentiment change is a trackable metric that can be used to celebrate successes, identify process problems, and spot knowledge gaps.

Display Customers’ Feedback History

Feedback history is available early-access to Zendesk users. This feature allows ticket interactions to roll-up into a customer record. That record displays specific markers around the customer’s feedback in chronological order.

A Powerful New Tool for Customer-Driven Businesses

Integrating Stella Connect and Zendesk products is quick and simple. It can be implemented by the customer or led by the Stella Connect team. Says Alex, “We never want to put our customers out. We always try to take the burden off you…and make it as seamless and painless as possible.”

In addition to attending Zendesk’s recent showcase event in Dallas, the Stella Connect team will also be available at Zendesk’s New York event in May. Reach out to schedule a live demo of Stella Connect and Zendesk here.