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Top Three Best Moments from Our Stella Summit

Being a leader in customer experience means wearing a lot of different hats and constantly evolving as customer expectations change with the times. This was a topic of almost every discussion at our Stella Summit: Level Up 2020.

If there was one thing that could be taken away from our sessions, it was the invaluable insights we received from so many leaders in the space. Whether that was about the importance of thinking like and prioritizing the customer, staying resilient and agile in an ever-changing field, or focusing on quality over metrics.

Here are our top three best moments from Stella Summit: Level Up 2020.


We are the “They”

During our brilliant session with Dre Allen of Quicken Loans, she touched on some points that really resonated not only with us but with our audience, too.

When talking about how CX teams can take ownership and make a difference to customers when they communicate with the team, at any touchpoint, Dre explained: 

“We don’t throw ownership across the aisles. So, if there is a problem, we all can be a part of that solution. And so, a solution-focused mindset is what ‘We are the They’ really…means to us.”

What makes this perspective on customer experience leadership so valuable is that it encourages each support or service agent to be a part of the customer interaction, even if the customer is speaking to the wrong department or the wrong person.

Rather than injecting customer interactions with a sense of apathy, emphasize that you will do whatever you can to make them happy.


Resiliency and Agility

During our session with Jerry Leisure, CEO of Officium Labs, John Pompei, a former EA Sports leader, and Nate Brown of Officium Labs,Nate asked Jerry and John what their “customer experience superpowers” were. At first, both of them said resiliency. John later changed his answer to “agility.” 

Later In the session, Nate Brown asked John and Jerry what their advice would be for CX professionals, and Jerry said something very insightful that touched a chord with everyone in the audience:

“…one of the hardest things for human beings to do is to let go. And for practitioners that have been in the industry for 15, 20 years like me, I’m speaking to you right now…. [I]n order to embrace this future where customer satisfaction delivers ROI, leveraging voice of the customer tools like Stella Connect and other ones – and finding out how you can help your teams help your products to become the number one products and to keep stickiness of your customers, consumers, and players – you’ve got to let go of some things, and you have to embrace some new things.”

Digital transformation in the customer experience space can be difficult for some to latch on to, especially considering the rate at which the landscape is evolving.

Because of this, resilience and agility are CX superpowers that all team members should cultivate.


The Quality Metric

Leanna Nazzisi of Birchbox joined our partner, Matt Lubbers over at Lessonly, for a session about using survey and QA data to drive better training.

With over five years as a customer experience leader at Birchbox, Leanna truly understands the small nuances that streamline her team to give the best customer experience possible. 

During the session, when Matt asked what some of her favorite quality metrics were, Leanna said, “I really like time spent per ticket a lot, because I can deep dive into that one the most based on like the type of interaction, whether it’s a phone call, text, et cetera, and what the ticket is about. So it helps me to really understand where we may need a little bit of work as a team, or this person might need a little bit of work as an individual.”

For us, this boils down to truly understanding what metrics of success the team will respond best to, and not only helps to personalize the customer experience, but also the employee experience as well. 

Leanna, as a leader, puts a heavy emphasis on spending time on each customer and not holding her team accountable to a low Average Handle Time. 

If there’s one thing that we can take away from her session, it’s that sometimes, it isn’t all about the numbers.

How Your Customer Service Team Can Level Up

While 2020 has been a crazy year for all of us, so many have stepped up to the plate and raised the bar on customer experience.

This doesn’t just apply to the leaders, but also the team members doing everything that they can to keep their customers happy.

At Stella Summit this year, we gained insights and new perspectives, while also having the opportunity to learn about how tools, technologies, and people are working to transform the service experience for customers and team members alike. Innovation during a pandemic is never easy, but innovation is often born out of hard times like these. 

For fresh perspectives and unparalleled insights, stream our full Stella Summit: Level Up 2020 on-demand!