Agent Motivation

What Your Customer Service Coaching Program is Missing

Effective customer service coaching and training is all about helping individuals achieve their best and inspiring greatness. 

Think of coaching as a tool that helps build and sustain momentum on a day-to-day basis. It’s used to address performance issues and emphasize winning behaviors that can resolve customer issues more effectively.

Coaching is meant to be tailored to the individual to make sure each agent fully develops his or her skills and excels on the job. 

But what does that actually look like in practice, and how can customer service leaders ensure each agent on their team is getting personalized feedback and coaching guidance as their business grows?

Keep reading for our tips on what your customer service training program is missing, and what you can do to ensure your agents are getting the most out of each and every coaching session.

Powering Agent Coaching with Customer Feedback

Customer service teams have access to a treasure trove of data and insights about their business’ customers.

As the frontline of their organization, they have the clearest picture of what customer’s pain points are, how they feel about the brand, and can alert the broader business about issues that are impacting the customer experience outside of their control – like an issue with a product, or a broken page on their website.

But the value of customer insights for your customer service coaching program can’t be overlooked.

No customer service organization has the bandwidth to review every single customer interaction across phone, chat, email, and even social media to understand agent performance. Instead, one of the most effective ways you can uncover how your team is performing (and where they might be missing the mark) is by collecting customer feedback after your service interactions.

With platforms like Stella Connect, you can trigger agent-level feedback surveys after completed interactions to ask your customers for their input. As feedback is collected, you’ll be able to clearly see at a glance how team members are performing on average, reward them for positive feedback and high customer satisfaction scores, and keep an eye on areas of improvement that might require some additional training.

And your customers are willing to share their opinions, especially if they know you’re listening.

In fact, research shows that 88% of consumers are more likely to leave feedback (positive or negative) regarding a customer service interaction if they knew it would help the agent improve their ability to service the needs of customers.

No matter what topics you need to cover, using voice of the customer (VoC) data to inform your customer service coaching program and training sessions will make them more meaningful for your agents and customers, and more valuable for your business.

How to Personalize Your Customer Service Coaching Program

Once you have a steady stream of customer feedback coming in, what do you do with it?

We mentioned that customer feedback can be key for uncovering trends in agent performance, particularly for skills that someone might need to double-down on or business best practices that might be slipping through the cracks.

With so many different agents who have unique needs, personalities, and learning styles, creating personalized coaching and training programs might seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be with tools like Lessonly.

Lessonly is training, enablement, and coaching software that helps businesses onboard and continuously coach their teams at scale. For frontline teams, their customizable lessons empower agents for success, help to align global and remote teams, and increase customer retention through improved customer experiences.

Using platforms like Lessonly, you can ensure that you’re creating a customer service coaching program that meets the needs of each individual agent on your team in an easy, scalable way.

Using the Power of Stella Connect and Lessonly

With Stella Connect and Lessonly, team leaders can now supplement customer service coaching sessions with learning and development content, enabling agents to build knowledge and hone skills to excel in their role.

Without ever leaving Stella Connect, agents and team leaders can discuss metrics, identify opportunities to improve, create a development plan, and easily select relevant learning and development content from Lessonly to supplement coaching sessions.

What results are more effective and efficient coaching sessions, a sense of ownership for each agent in their own success, and a feedback loop that sustains itself. Once one skill is perfected, a steady stream of feedback from Stella Connect will not only help you measure success, but help pinpoint another focus area for continued improvement and growth.

See how the power of Stella Connect and Lessonly can revolutionize and streamline your customer service coaching program today.