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Why You Need Better Quality Assurance Software

You know those brands. The ones that seem to just get it? The ones that deliver consistent customer experiences that result in high customer satisfaction, each and every time? The ones who manage to be timely, responsive, empathetic, and customer centric?

You can bet they have two things going for them. 

First, they’ve put together a thoughtful (and effective) quality assurance program, one that frames QA as a way to boost agent engagement, drive self-correcting behavior, and guide professional development and growth.

And second, they have a best-in-class quality assurance software program in place, one that enables their customer service team to know what’s working and quickly pinpoint opportunities for improvement. In other words, the kind of solution that makes modern QA processes not only possible, but seamless, actionable, and efficient.

If your team is struggling to deliver great customer experiences, that may be a signal that you need a better quality assurance software. Here are other indicators of trouble and what to look for as you explore your QA technology options.

The Top Signs You Need Better Quality Assurance Software

#1: You’re having a hard time incorporating QA into your meetings and tying it to your metrics

As a QA manager, you want to be able to hold your team accountable to your customer service goals and KPIs.

That means you need a quality assurance platform, like Stella Connect’s QA software, that effortlessly integrates into your CRM and other tools and can be used to guide 1:1 meetings and metrics reviews.

These capabilities have been powerful for Stella Connect client Riot Games. The brand has revamped its QA program in part by pairing QA audits with agent-level CSAT scores.

“Because Stella Connect has both QA and CSAT and they are integrated into each other, it was really quick for us to implement both of those systems and start working on our performance,” explained Jan Roza, Player Behavior Expert at Riot Games.

#2: You don’t have a clear picture of how your quality assurance program is working

With the right QA solution in place, you should be able to quickly see how many customer interactions are being reviewed as part of the QA process and track how agent scores are changing as a result of your QA review process.

These kinds of functionalities and insights eliminate manual processes and enable operational efficiencies, meaning your staff will have more time to focus on other priorities.

Is your QA program moving the needle to drive customer satisfaction and agent improvement? Download our Guide to Doing Contact Center QA The Right Way for insight into building a streamlined, actionable QA program.

#3: Your current QA software isn’t enabling an actionable QA process 

Nobody wants customer interactions and calls to be reviewed just for the sake of it.

At the end of the day, to be effective your company’s QA review process needs to be deeply tied to helping customer service agents gain an understanding of the kinds of customer feedback they’re receiving and should be supplemented by clear recommendations and next steps.

That’s why powerful QA software options let managers launch the review process in real-time, so self-correcting can begin right away, in the moment. 

Why You Need a Better Quality Assurance Software

With Stella Connect’s quality assurance software, team leaders can leave notes and action items for their direct reports, without having to launch a full review.

With Stella Connect’s QA software program, team leaders can also annotate interactions that don’t necessarily need a full review process with quick coaching tips for direct reports to review on their own.

#4: Your agents don’t have a clear understanding of their performance and the overall team’s QA scores

Stella Connect’s QA software offers both agent-level and team-level scorecards and reporting, so individuals have the tools they need to assess their own performance, be motivated to self-correct, and watch their KPIs improve. Individual agents also can get access to all of their quality audits independently so they can self-coach and learn as they go. 

Before Stella Connect client implemented our quality assurance software, their agents could only see their QA scores on a weekly basis. Now since teaming up with Stella Connect, team members can see how they’re doing in real time.

As a result, within just one month of implementing our QA software, the company saw their customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) jump from 3.0 to 3.25. (Read the full case study and see how they managed to improve QA efficiency by 5X.)

Is Your Quality Assurance Program Delivering the Results You Want?

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