Zendesk Timeline: A Game Changing Product Enhancement

Zendesk Relate is in full swing at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco this week. Alongside a packed schedule of panels and keynotes, there’s one product announcement which is generating a lot of buzz at this year’s event: the launch of Zendesk Customer Timeline.

As its name suggests, Zendesk’s new Timeline feature enables contact center agents to access a customer’s full interaction history in a single, streamlined view. This is a really important new feature. By providing a holistic view of a customer’s interaction history, agents are better informed and more empowered to deliver an enhanced service experience.

At Stella Connect, we’re proud to be among the first third-party companies to have been invited to integrate into this new Timeline feature. Through our enhanced Zendesk app, all historical customer feedback will be displayed directly within the Timeline view alongside details of the interaction.

By updating our app in this way, agents will be able to view all prior feedback customers have shared with agents when they start to work with them on new tickets. Having this complete historical view of customer satisfaction will help agents understand likely customer sentiment at the outset of every interaction and adjust their service delivery accordingly.

New Zendesk Customer Timeline gives agents a streamlined view of all prior customer interactions. The Stella Connect integration displays customer feedback directly within this Timeline alongside the related ticket.


Hovering over star ratings will enable agents to quickly read the customer feedback associated with individual tickets. Having this level of visibility enables agents to change their style of service delivery to fit customer preferences.


We think Customer Timeline is another important step forward for Zendesk and that clients should be really excited by this new feature. Customer Timeline will be available to all Zendesk customers from November 13, 2018. Third-party integrations, including Stella Connect, will be available from Q1 2019.