Zendesk Sunshine: The Call Center Solution That’s Redefining What’s Possible

The Zendesk platform has become, in just over a decade, the world’s standard bearer for managing customer support tickets. Today, more than 130,000 customers such as Uber, Airbnb, and Slack empower their agents with Zendesk software and its many integrated tools.

Recently, Zendesk launched an open CRM platform capable of transforming the way brands engage their customers.

Zendesk Sunshine is a whole new breed: open, flexible, and customizable to the nth degree. Because it’s built on AWS, it allows brands to seamlessly connect and understand real-time business and customer data from every possible source and to use that data with unprecedented ease. No more blind spots or corporate silos: just a supercharged agent workspace and a more agile, responsive brand.

In a recent Zendesk webinar led by Sunshine Product Marketing Manager Joe Abbott, Stella Connect Director of Product Suraj Savalia and Oomnitza cofounder and CTO Trent Seed shared their thoughts on Zendesk Sunshine’s design, features, and high-value user benefits.

Empowering Agents and Brands Like Never Before

Consumers are no longer willing to settle for average brand encounters. They want capable, friction-free, personalized service right on the spot. As consumer expectations soar, customer loyalty is becoming harder to come by and keep. Both emerging and establishment brands are under immense pressure to deliver a high-touch, tailored-to-fit customer experience.

Competing in this challenging climate requires a 360-degree view of the customer. This is what Sunshine provides: an entire universe of data agents and brands can harness to provide world-class customer service and support.

Sunshine Profiles

Sunshine Profiles allows users to build a comprehensive, up-to-date profile of each customer by incorporating all available information from internal and third-party applications. Front-line agents can see who customers are the moment a connection is made and tailor their service approach accordingly.

Sunshine Events

Sunshine Events captures all customer interactions across all brand channels and displays them in a single sortable timeline. Agents can view a complete history of customer activity, from online shopping carts to service contacts to mobile apps to in-store check-ins.

Vimeo, a subscription-based video and content sharing platform with more than 80 million subscribers, handles about 30,000 tickets per month. Vimeo uses Sunshine Events to manage the customer journey, capturing data from third-party systems such as Salesforce and Shopify to give agents the insights they need (email activity, order activity, marketing campaigns, etc.) to streamline customer interactions.

Sunshine Custom Objects

Sunshine Custom Objects stores and connects data related to company assets in the field or products and services customers are using. Brands can easily monitor the health and status of their internal resources or their entire sales inventory.

Zipcar, one of the world’s largest car-sharing services, uses Sunshine Custom Objects to proactively manage its fleet vehicles and address mechanical issues (low tire pressure, low wiper fluid, etc.). Sunshine creates tickets automatically so Zipcar’s support team can act fast to make sure customers don’t encounter problems.

Another Zendesk client, a Fortune 500 power tool manufacturer, uses the Custom Objects feature to track device vitals so customers can be notified in advance of the need for a replacement or repair.

Improving Call Center Efficiency and Results

Agents’ productivity and their ability to readily resolve customer issues are among call center leaders’ top management priorities, and they can have a major impact on a brand’s top and bottom line. Zendesk Sunshine launch partners Oomnitza and Stella Connect offer seamless integrations that help streamline both aspects of call center operations.

Making It Easy to Address Agents’ Technical Issues

Oomnitza is an IT asset management platform that helps companies manage the devices they use—laptops, desktops, servers, etc.—to run their business. By helping companies better manage their assets’ life cycles, Oomnitza boosts employee productivity and uptime.

Oomnitza works through Sunshine Custom Objects to allow agents to monitor their tech tools without having to leave Zendesk. Agents can easily view asset details, edit information as allowed by administrators, and tag devices by mentioning a bar code or serial number in a comment.

When employees report technical issues in Zendesk, the Oomnitza bot knows who they are and what devices they have, and it can automatically generate support tickets. Agents will know right away whether the issue is new or recurring based on past tickets.

Oomnitza is currently working on expanding its Zendesk functionality. Soon, agents who report problems will be directed to related articles that may help them resolve simple issues without having to open a ticket. Agents will also be able to see all past maintenance, service, and system updates through Sunshine Events.

“When we first heard about Custom Objects and Events and some of the additional offerings of Sunshine, we were very excited . . . . We had an existing app, but with the new features of Sunshine, we were able to extend it and make it much more compelling and much more efficient for the end users of the tool.”
Trent Seed
Co-founder and CTO, Oomnitza

Providing More Context for Every Customer Interaction

The Stella Connect platform captures real-time agent-level feedback and streams it into agents’ dashboards and call center leaderboards to help agents self-correct, enable managers to coach more effectively, and empower brands to identify internal issues that are affecting customer satisfaction.

With Sunshine, agents can now see customers’ past star ratings, comments, and tags in their Sunshine Events timeline. If a previous interaction was negative, the agent’s insight into what happened and why can better position them to handle the current interaction.

StellaService continues its efforts to expand Zendesk/Stella Connect users’ capabilities. In the near future, segmentation will allow users to more efficiently target 1-star clients for service recovery or 5-star clients for cross-sell/upsell efforts.

“Often times, if a customer has provided negative feedback, that context can signal to the agent that they should put in a little extra effort to turn that customer’s sentiment around. We’ve already had a lot of client interest in having this contextual visibility for their agents . . . so they can deliver an exceptional experience.”
Suraj Savalia
Director of Product, StellaService

Zendesk and the Future of CX

Zendesk and its partners are working together to continuously improve the end-user and customer experience. As the platform evolves, brands in the know stand to gain a serious market advantage.

This year, Zendesk will host 11 “Showcase” conferences worldwide. Product experts and leading brands will share their experiences and insights and show attendees how to unleash the full power of Zendesk. We’ll be attending the NYC conference in May. Join us there to learn how integrated platforms like Stella Connect can fully empower your brand heroes on the front line.