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ECE and Stella Connect: How a Leading BPO Leverages Stella Connect

ECE is a BPO that is laser focused on delivering industry-leading service experiences. A clue to this commitment can be seen in the company’s name, ECE, which stands for ‘Extraordinary Customer Experiences’.

The ECE team recognizes that the key to delivering best-in-class service is having a team of high-performing, motivated agents, and the company has partnered with Stella Connect to help achieve this goal.

Stella Connect is currently utilized by the ECE team that manages customer service for a leading fintech company. After every service interaction the ECE team manages on behalf of the client, a feedback request is sent to customers inviting them to rate the quality of the service they received. Through these feedback requests, customers can:

Rate service performance


Leave comments about their experience 

Suggest a reward for a job well done 

Suggest areas of improvement


The feedback is shared in real-time with the client as well as the agents and team leaders working on the account via streams and dashboards. This constant pulse of agent-level performance insights unlocks three key benefits for ECE:

  1. Motivating agents and driving incentive programs
  2. Empowering team leaders to deliver more effective coaching
  3. Giving visibility into service performance to the client
“At ECE, we don’t consider ourselves a typical BPO. We believe in investing in and empowering our agents and team leaders, and giving complete transparency to our clients. Stella Connect is a tool that helps us deliver against our differentiated vision and move away from a reliance on traditional operational metrics.”
Marta Rub
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, ECE Call Centers


Unlocking value from Stella Connect

Motivating Agents and Driving Incentive Programs

Customer feedback is shared with agents in real-time via feedback streams, which helps drive engagement and motivation. When customers suggest rewards, the reward votes are translated into actual cash incentives, which are paid to agents each month.

“We are so committed to customer experience that Stella Rating now represents 60% of our CSR balanced scorecard, and therefore our front-line associate bonus plan.  When you can so closely align incentives with customer feedback, you dramatically improve the level of CSR engagement in CX, and you also create better alignment between compensation and the business goals of your clients. Only a tool as seamless and effective as Stella Connect would allow us to put so much of our agent’s compensation into feedback in this way”.
Chris Eisdorfer
Chris Eisdorfer, President and Co-Founder, ECE Call Centers


Empowering Team Leaders to Deliver More Effective Coaching

Team leaders can see feedback that comes in for each of the agents they manage and can use the insights to deliver in-the-moment coaching, which helps drive continuous performance improvements. Agent-level dashboards can then be used to drive more effective 1:1 meetings.



Giving Visibility Into Service Performance to the ECE Client

Transparency is really important to the ECE team, and this is achieved by the client having access to macro- and micro-level performance insights. The client can see performance at an agent and team level and drill in to see individual pieces of feedback. As well as giving confidence into the quality of the ECE team, the high volumes of customer feedback can also be used to inform product innovation and shape policies.



“Stella Connect lets us deliver value to all key stakeholders. Our client can see how we’re performing throughout the day, our team leaders can manage our agents more effectively, and our agents are highly motivated through feedback and financial incentives. And, perhaps most important, all of this results in improved customer experience and delighted customers”.
Marta Rub
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, ECE Call Centers


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