Agent Motivation

How Moen Built an Agent-First Culture with Stella Connect

Meet Moen

Moen is a leading provider of faucets, offering a wide selection of faucets, showerheads, accessories, bath safety products, garbage disposals, and kitchen sinks. Moen caters to both residential and commercial needs with a commitment to delivering innovation, useful features, and lasting value.

Moen is part of the Fortune Brands Home & Security company, and is headquartered in North Olmsted, Ohio with an additional call center in Canada.

Moen has been a Stella Connect customer for two years and counting. We spoke with Andrew Cifranic, Senior Contact Center Manager and Art Russell, Inbound Services Manager at Moen to learn how they use Stella Connect to drive agent engagement and performance in their contact center.  

Customer Service at Moen

Moen’s customer service team sits entirely in-house, with about 90 consumer-facing agents in the US and another team of about a dozen agents in Canada. Phone and email serve as Moen’s primary support channels, and the majority of tickets that come in are from end-consumers, with requests that range from what to buy, to how to fix a leaking faucet, and everything in between.

Redefining Rewards & Recognition

Stella Connect’s rewards and recognition feature has quickly become a pillar of Moen’s contact center culture. Every two weeks, Art runs a rewards report in Stella Connect to identify the most highly ranked agents. The top agents are then rewarded according to three tiers of prizes, with the most coveted being the opportunity to take a peer offsite during work hours to a movie at the theater across the street. Moen pays for the entire experience, from tickets to food, and there is constant chatter on the floor around who gets to go next. The runner ups can earn prizes such as coffee, company products, and gift cards.

“We post pictures of the winners on all the monitors around the department so the excitement is always here–we get people vying for that prize every week.”
Art Russell
Inbound Services Manager

Beyond rewards, providing public recognition is key for agent motivation. At quarterly department meetings, Art takes snippets of the best customer feedback and shares them with the whole group to highlight wins. 

“Art does a great job of surprising people. We had one piece of customer feedback come in that said a particular agent deserved a lobster dinner, so Art took her to Red Lobster for lunch that day.”
Andrew Cifranic
Senior Contact Center Manager

Capturing Feedback-Based NPS

With Stella Connect’s additional question feature, Moen was able to move away from another Net Promoter Score vendor, reducing costs and uniting NPS with customer feedback in one central system.


“The additional question feature allowed us to move away from another vendor to collect NPS in Stella Connect. We’re planning to start alternating NPS with a different question every week. We recently launched a knowledge management system for consumers, and intend to alternate between NPS and a question on whether or not they visited the knowledge site to both promote it and understand usability.”
Andrew Cifranic
Senior Contact Center Manager

Driving Marketing Wins

With so much feedback from customers, Moen saw an opportunity to leverage positive interactions to drive cross-functional value. Stella Connect’s social awareness feature is the final step in the feedback survey that can be customized to prompt social sharing, promotions, or special offers. Moen currently leverages this feature to invite customers to sign up for the marketing newsletter. The marketing team at Moen is focused on trying to increase their email distribution list and has been able to partner with the customer service team to encourage happy customers to opt in after a positive interaction. 

“In the last month, we saw a 24% click-through rate on the marketing call-to-action. Getting 4,400 clicks on the survey is a huge win for us. The marketing team has been very happy with the results.”
Andrew Cifranic
Senor Contact Center Manager

Coaching and Engaging Agents

Moen’s products can be highly technical, so it can take a while for new agents to fully ramp and feel confident handling tickets. New agents are required to learn a lot of new measures when coming on board, such as handle time, closure rate, performance quality, etc. Stella Connect has been a confidence booster among both new agents and existing ones. 

“There are so many moving pieces and it can be easy to get frustrated. Your handle time may drag a little bit because you have an hour-long install, or you may have had a bad experience with an upset customer. It can be hard to manage your emotions, but when you’re getting customers saying ‘you were amazing’ it really helps to brighten agents’ days and build their confidence, and stay on track so they don’t get derailed by one-off negative situations.”
Art Russell
Inbound Services Manager

Stella Connect has also helped Moen coach and retain agents who initially struggled with performance.

“The immediate gratification goes a long way for us, I get emails from associates on the floor who will take a screenshot of their reviews and email them to me. They look for that throughout the day, it makes their day go faster. It’s beautiful because even if they get a negative review, they still email me to ask if we can listen to the call and figure out what went wrong.”
Art Russell
Inbound Services Manager

What’s Next?

Moen has big plans for their contact center and shows no signs of slowing down. After rolling out Stella Connect to their team in Canada and a sister company, Rohl, they hope to continue to expand their use of the platform. Stay tuned for the great things to come as Moen expands the reach of their customer service team. 

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