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How Improved QA Efficiency by 5x in Under 2 Months

Meet is a one-stop-shop designed to help individuals discover and book amazing experiences. With a focus on facilitating unforgettable trips, customer service is the guiding force behind everything they do. has been using Stella Connect for just two months and is currently leveraging the quality assurance, customer feedback, and 1:1 tools. We spoke with Miles Dunn, Director of Support at about how Stella Connect has helped improve efficiency and performance across his team.

Operational Efficiencies

Since implementing Stella Connect, Peek’s customer service team is able to do more with their time. Between increasing audit efficiency and eliminating manual processes, is empowered to do more with their time and reallocate resources to operate more efficiently.

Increase Audit Efficiency

According to Miles, one of’s biggest wins with Stella Connect is greater operational efficiency within their QA process. 

“Before Stella Connect, we were auditing about 4 to 4.5 percent of all of our service interactions. In the first two months of using the QA tool, we were able to audit 22 percent of interactions with the same team size. We saw about a 5x efficiency gain on the number of audits we could get through.

Miles Dunn
Director of Support


Leveraging Stella Connect’s intuitive and streamlined QA tool, the team can now do more with less, driving operational efficiencies throughout the contact center. As a result, the QA team has been able to increase the breadth and depth of how many interactions they audit and eliminate the need to bring on additional headcount. 

Reduce Manual Processes

Stella Connect has enabled the team to save more than an hour per week on quality assessment by automating manual processes.

“Previously, the process was extremely manual. We were running QA out of Google Sheets, so auditors would have to manually send scores out via email. Since introducing Stella Connect, we’ve saved one to two hours a week just from the fact that once the audit is complete, the agent immediately gets their score. Every minute counts for our quality assurance team, so a 5 percent time-savings each week is substantial.”


Optimize the Dispute Process

Stella Connect’s real-time QA tool drives positive reinforcement among agents and provides better visibility into areas of improvement. Miles noted that the annotations feature within QA has been particularly useful in helping agents understand their scores.

“In the past, we’d look at the entire interaction and then leave notes at the end. Agents would read the notes but not necessarily correlate the feedback with a particular moment in the interaction, or would have a completely different understanding of what happened on the call. 

With this limited context, notes would seem unfair or incorrect, so agents would often dispute their score. With Stella Connect, agents can now look at annotations and pinpoint exactly what happened at a specific moment that led to a deduction.”


Delivering QA scores in real-time with in-line annotations has helped optimize the dispute process and empowered agents to self-correct.

Quality and CSAT Improvement

Uniting customer feedback with real-time QA has a major impact on agent performance and customer satisfaction. Since implementing Stella Connect, has seen an uplift in CSAT scores and improved response rates.

Increase in Quality

Before Stella Connect, agents had to wait until the end of each week to receive their quality scores, and until their next weekly 1:1 to get qualitative feedback. Now, agents receive feedback in real-time, which has led to an improvement in both quality and CSAT scores.

“We currently score QA on a GPA scale from zero to four. We’re planning to switch that to percentage-based so that it better aligns with our CSAT score. In our existing scale, agents had averaged a 3.0–so a solid B. Within a month and a half of using Stella Connect, we saw overall team performance improve to 3.25–a quarter-point improvement.”


Improve CSAT Score and Response Rate

With Stella Connect, has found it easier than ever to collect and act on feedback.

“Prior to Stella connect, we were only getting CSAT scores for about 4 percent of all interactions. That’s partly because we only had the ability to run CSAT on chat and email. Adding phone, which is our largest channel, through Stella Connect immediately increased our reach by around 45 percent. In just a month and a half, we went from a 4 percent response rate to about 22 to 25 percent response rate.”

But the positive results don’t stop there, along with an increase in response rate, saw an uplift in their CSAT scores.

“The ease of leaving feedback on Stella actually drives promoters to send us a score. Previously, only people who were upset would go out of their way to leave a score, but now we’re capturing more of our neutrals and promoters. We always had a good CSAT score around 85 percent, but with Stella Connect, we’re now up to around 92 percent.”


For Miles, seeing scores increase with volume shows him that their approach to CX is working. “I now have far more visibility and insight into the customer experience. It’s peace of mind to know that overall we’re doing great, and if something goes wrong, we’ll get notified right away.”

Ease of Use

Beyond the operational efficiencies and improved CAST scores, has seen overwhelming adoption and engagement since implementing Stella Connect. According to Miles, the team immediately found the platform intuitive and useful––making for quick team-wide adoption.

Increase Agent Engagement

Introducing Stella Connect to the team proved to be simple and effective. Agents and managers alike loved the visibility and ease of use of the platform.

“When we launched Stella Connect for QA, we knew it was a brand new feature, but we actually found it to be extremely user-friendly. Our auditors really liked using Stella Connect and found it easier to use and more intuitive than other platforms we were evaluating. Our team also uses the 1:1 feature and loves how feedback is ever-present in individual dashboards. Agents can see what was discussed in their last meeting as well as any action items for the upcoming week.”


Unite Tools in One Central Platform

Uniting quality auditing, CSAT, and agent coaching all in one place has been a game-changer for the customer service team. QA is such an integral part of coaching, so having it all in one place makes it easier to improve performance in real-time.

Further, this central system helps reduce the number of platforms that the team has to be in day-to-day. According to Miles, “having everything in one place has been really nice. It’s a value add that’s hard to quantify, but there is less that we have to do manually, fewer things to try to remember, and fewer places we have to go.”

Bonus: CX Community

One thing that was important to Miles in his evaluation of Stella Connect was the community provided by CX Connections events. These events bring CX professionals together to network with and learn from industry thought leaders. While technology is Stella Connect’s primary offering, building strong CX strong communities is at the heart of our mission.

“I think Stella Connect has set up a fantastic series of networking events. Attending these events was really helpful in the evaluation process and the events themselves were very well executed.”



With this much to show after just two months, it’s safe to say that this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for the great things to come as continues to leverage Stella Connect.

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