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MeUndies Saves Headcount Costs and Improves Service Delivery With Stella Connect

Underwear and loungewear retailer, MeUndies, has been scaling rapidly since its launch in 2011.

At the heart of the company’s success are amazing products and a relentless focus on delivering world-class customer service.

The company co-sources elements of its service model to a BPO and employs a team of several CX pros at its LA headquarters to manage their BPO relationship.

This in-house team focuses on coaching, agent development and quality assurance, as well as overseeing the company’s CX tech stack and exploring ways to deliver operational efficiencies.

As MeUndies’ business has grown, so too have the number of customer inquiries coming into the contact center.

MeUndies has scaled its co-sourced team to meet this increased customer demand through a combination of full-time agents and flex staff to cover key retail periods, such as Valentine’s Day.

While the co-sourced team has expanded, MeUndies is focused on managing costs across its in-house team by optimizing resources.

This is achieved in two key ways:

  1. Hiring skilled generalists who are as comfortable conducting QA reviews as they are developing team leader training programs and running analysis on CX performance metrics.
  2. Leveraging Stella Connect to give the in-house team the visibility they need into BPO performance to make smart coaching and operational decisions.
“At MeUndies, we focus on managing our CX overhead by maintaining a lean in-house team. It’s vital for us that controlling costs doesn’t in any way negatively impact the quality of the service we provide. Stella Connect has been instrumental in helping us achieve this goal. Without the actionable insights Stella Connect gives us on our team, our product, and our operations, we would definitely need to add more headcount and expense into our team.”
TJ Stein
VP of Customer Experience at MeUndies

How the MeUndies CX Team Unlocks Value from Stella Connect


How the MeUndies CX Team Unlocks Value from Stella Connect

  1. Understanding BPO performance: With high response rates and an agent-first focus, Stella Connect’s feedback requests give the MeUndies team unmatched visibility into the performance of its BPO. Through these insights, the team can prioritize its QA program and develop high impact coaching and training programs.
  2. Getting insights into channel mix: The MeUndies team uses Stella Connect to identify service performance at a granular level across both channels and interaction types. These insights are used to optimize team structure and the channels which are offered to customers across different brand touchpoints.
  3. Identifying friction points in the customer experience: High volumes of feedback enable the MeUndies team to identify when products, policies or service delivery aren’t optimized in favor of customers. These insights enable the team to make rapid changes to drive increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  4. Prioritizing development of help center and knowledge base articles: By looking at trends in customer feedback, the MeUndies team is able to prioritize content development for its help center and knowledge base. Producing more relevant and focused content reduces the number of customer inquiries and empowers agents to deliver an amazing customer experience during every interaction.
  5. Making things right with customers: MeUndies leverages Stella Connect’s service recovery tools to identify when customers have had a subpar experience and then contact them to make things right. Follow-up feedback requests are then sent to measure changes in customer sentiment.

How the MeUndies CX Team Unlocks Value from Stella Connect

“Any brand that is serious about delivering great customer service should consider a tool like Stella Connect. If you don’t have a constant flow of agent and product-specific feedback, you’re basically flying blind, which is really dangerous in today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape.”
TJ Stein
VP of Customer Experience at MeUndies