Agent Motivation

Yext Improves Service Performance and Client Satisfaction with Stella Connect


8 Point Improvement in CSAT Scores Driven by More Effective Agent Coaching and Recognition Programs

Yext gives companies control over their brand experiences across the digital universe of maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, and other services that drive consumer discovery, decision, and action.

The company delivers support and services from its offices in New York City, Berlin, London and Tokyo. We visited Yext’s sprawling New York City headquarters to sit with service leaders John Vatalaro and Colleen Ruggiero. We chatted with John and Colleen about how they utilize Stella Connect across the New York City support and service teams to drive agent engagement and help improve client satisfaction.

The Support & Services Team

Yext’s New York City support and service team includes around 80 agents working across three different divisions: White Glove Services, Client Support, and Platform Services. Together, these teams field inbound inquiries from a combination of clients, end users, publishers, platform partners and resellers.

The teams work across phone and email primarily, with certain agents also responding to inquiries via live chat. All inbound inquiries are logged and managed via Zendesk, which is tightly integrated with Stella Connect. Through this integration, feedback requests are automatically triggered after every interaction giving clients the opportunity to rate agent performance, suggest rewards for a job well done, or highlight areas for improvement after subpar interactions. Feedback then flows into streams, dashboards and leaderboards that agents and their managers have open in front of them throughout their day.

“We originally used a native CRM tool for CSAT, which really helped us to understand the value of collecting agent-level client feedback. With our focus on driving service performance, we realized we needed a more full-featured solution for capturing client feedback, which is why we started using Stella Connect. The key benefit of Stella is our ability to capture agent-level performance insights, rather than just collecting brand or product feedback, which is what you get from a lot of feedback tools. While this feedback is helpful, it has little value when it comes to driving change across a service team.”

Colleen Ruggiero, Director, Client Support


Driving Positive Reinforcement and More Effective Coaching

With response rates averaging 25-30%, Stella Connect gives Yext a really representative view of agent performance. Managers use these agent-level performance insights in two key ways:

  1. Drive positive reinforcement: Positive feedback is shared across Slack throughout the day and used within weekly roundup emails sent out by managers. The best comments of the week are also shared at weekly all-hands meetings, which helps to highlight the great work the service team is doing across the whole company. This positive reinforcement is supported by a rewards program that is powered by Stella Connect. Clients suggest rewards after great experiences, and once enough client votes have been received, agents receive gift cards from their managers.
  2. Deliver custom coaching and QA. Alongside positive reinforcement, managers use feedback collected through Stella Connect to spotlight coaching opportunities. These interactions are reviewed in detail during 1:1 meetings with agents, creating highly customized coaching programs.

“Stella Connect has transformed the way we approach coaching and QA. Managers use feedback to pull tickets from Zendesk that they can then coach against during 1:1 meetings with agents. This approach stops the guesswork of picking random interactions to review and makes our coaching program far more focused and effective.”

John Vatalaro, Director, White Glove Services


Making Things Right With Clients

In addition to coaching, Yext also uses feedback to power service recovery with clients who had sub-par experiences. Agents review all feedback when it comes in and recontact clients if it’s appropriate to make things right or to clarify any specific points. Managers are on hand to provide on-the-spot coaching before these service recovery calls are made to ensure that client needs can be properly addressed.

“Service recovery is important for any front-line team, but particularly for b2b companies where one sub-par experience can have a ripple effect on what may be a significant and valuable client. The high volumes of real-time feedback we generate through Stella has made it really easy to build a highly-effective new service recovery workflow.”

John Vatalaro, Director, White Glove Services

The Results: More Motivated Agents and More Satisfied Clients

The more customized coaching delivered through Stella Connect, combined with the motivational effects of positive reinforcement and reward programs have driven a measurable uptick in client satisfaction. Improved CSAT scores can be seen across the board, and in particular across the team that deals within inbound inquiries from partners. This team has seen an 8 point improvement in CSAT scores since the Connect program launched, with average scores now well over 90%.

“Stella Connect gives us the tools we need to make agents perform at their very best. You can really feel the improvement in service delivery and it’s really exciting to see this reflected in our improved CSAT scores.”

Colleen Ruggiero, Director, Client Support