The CX Management Tool Your Team Actually Likes

Harness agent-level customer feedback, deliver high-impact coaching and QA programs, and drive agent engagement and customer satisfaction with Stella Connect by Medallia.

Unlock The Power of Customer Feedback

Create a motivated and engaged work-from-anywhere team that brings a human touch to every customer interaction.

Customer Feedback
Give agents real-time visibility into their performance to keep them motivated and engaged – no matter where they're located.
Service Recovery
Create automated workflows that help you instantly make things right with customers after negative service experiences.
Rewards & Recognition
Use customers to power rewards, recognition, and incentive programs for your agents to keep them engaged and motivated.
Manage your team from anywhere, and empower team leaders to effectively motivate and coach agents virtually.
Real-Time QA
Tie real-time customer feedback to QA reviews to make your program more holistic and representative of actual performance.
1:1 Meetings
Empower team leaders to run more effective, action-oriented 1:1 meetings with agents over video chat or in person.

Our Clients Say It All

Stella Connect is trusted by the world’s leading service-led brands to build happier, higher performing front-line teams – both in-person and virtual.

“Stella Connect is an amazing asset for our team and has totally changed the way we think about driving engagement across our contact center. The product is helping us take our service to the next level with a win-win for both our team and our customers.”

“In a hyper-growth startup, trying to scale a customer service operation and seeing around the corner is very hard. With Stella Connect, we can pinpoint exactly what works best—when we need more resources, different training, more coaching. We can measure performance on a more granular level.”

See Stella Connect in Action

Empower your front-line agents to deliver exceptional support experiences.

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