Stella Connect and Google Sheets

Motivate and Empower Your Front-Line Team



Why 1+1=3

We have developed a seamless Google Sheets integration, which enables you to unlock all the benefits of Stella Connect without any disruption to agent workflow. Through this simple integration you will be able to:

  • Automated

    Automatically, and on demand, retrieve Stella Connect data to power your G-Suite ecosystem.

  • Customized

    Create and design beautiful data visualizations for different use-cases of your business.

  • Trackable

    Combine Stella Connect data to other data points in your business for a view of your whole ecosystem.

  • Insights

    Generate actionable insights from your custom Google Sheets reports to maximize your Stella Connect investment.

Stella Connect Workflow

Our Google Sheets integration unlocks a powerful workflow.

Learn more about our Google Sheets integration