1:1 Meetings

Easily organize performance-oriented 1:1 meetings, in the office or on your sofa,
across the room or around the globe.


Increase Transparency and Collaboration

1:1 Meetings between agents and team leaders should be motivational and action-oriented. Too often, they lack direction and clear follow-ups. Whether you’re at home or in the office, Stella Connect’s 1:1 tool is designed to bring structure, transparency, and collaboration to the call center performance management process.

Don’t let social distancing come between you and excellent customer experiences

It has never been more critical to stay in careful contact with your Contact Center agents. With the increase in remote workers, the attraction of BPOs, and the geographic spread of your sites, having a tool that keeps you in touch adds up to satisfied customers.

Always Come Prepared at Home or In the Office

With Stella Connect’s 1:1 tool, team leaders can create and save notes between meetings. This ensures that important details are never forgotten despite the fast pace of contact center work or the distractions that come from working at home.

Make Every 1:1 Actionable

Whether you’re sitting across from each other in a conference room, next to each other on the call center floor, or meeting over video chat, 1:1s should be actionable. Through the 1:1 tool, team leaders can take virtual notes, give kudos, and create action plans for the week ahead. This gives agents a holistic picture of their performance to help drive engagement and development.

Local and Remote Collaboration

Action items are shared directly with agents and displayed prominently in individual feedback streams that can be viewed from anywhere. Agents can mark action items as complete between meetings (or while taking the dog for an afternoon walk) giving team leaders visibility into progress.

Track and Review Progress

Team leaders can get an at-a-glance view into how individual agents are tracking against action items. Knowing that team leaders have this level of visibility encourages agents to stay focused and helps keep them engaged and motivated regardless of where they’re working.

“We live and die by the Stella Connect feedback stream. It gives us unmatched visibility into our agents’ performance and helps us deliver more effective 1:1 coaching. Agents love receiving the recognition and more tailored coaching and this has translated into higher levels of engagement, improved service delivery and a 25% improvement in attrition rates.”

Transform in-person and virtual 1:1s with the performance management tool designed specifically for call centers.

Make 1:1s count with Stella Connect.

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