Reduce Attrition


Get the tools to engage, empower, and retain your agents.


Retain Your Agents

Agent turnover has reached an alarming rate. The average attrition rate in contact centers is between 30 and 45%. Not only is this significantly higher than most other industries, but the average cost to hire and onboard a new agent is $15,000. Your agents are your most valuable asset, so it’s crucial to create an environment that keeps them engaged and happy.

Empower Agent Autonomy

Stella Connect provides agents with a constant flow of customer feedback on their own stream and performance dashboard. Not only does this keep them engaged throughout the day, but it also helps team leaders deliver more effective coaching.

Recognize Agent Performance

Don’t let good work go unnoticed. Leverage Stella Connect’s recognition and rewards features to turn positive customer feedback into agent rewards, social media shoutouts, and internal praise.

“We live and die by the Stella Connect feedback stream. It gives us unmatched visibility into our agents’ performance and helps us deliver more effective 1:1 coaching. Agents love receiving the recognition and more tailored coaching and this has translated into higher levels of engagement, improved service delivery and a 25% improvement in attrition rates.”

Your contact center shouldn’t be a revolving door for agents. Save valuable resources with Stella Connect’s agent retention tools.