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8 Questions With Brooklinen’s CX Manager, Jack Lorentzen

Each month, we will be highlighting a CX leader and learning a bit more about them, their work, and their life. This month, meet Jack Lorentzen, Customer Experience Manager at Brooklinen!

Jack Lorentzen

Customer Experience Manager



1. What do you love about CX?

Making people happy is my favorite part about working in CX. I think that you know when you have a passion for being a people person, but just being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes is what really got me excited about CX. There was a moment when I realized I could take it to the next level, and work for a company where the product was great and the experience around that product was great – and that was a huge and exciting moment for me. I love making people happy and making their lives better in any way that I can and having a really great CX strategy is where that starts.

2. What drew you to CX?

My favorite class I ever took in college was called consumer behavior. It was essentially psychology mixed with marketing. Understanding what people were getting out of their purchases and the consequences of what they bought was what I fell in love with. The first job I ever got out of college was working as a brand ambassador for a company called Strativity – it’s a CX consulting firm. We sold products and workshops and trained the trainers, and specifically we worked with a lot of car dealerships like Mercedes-Benz Canada, where we worked on employee engagement. When employees were more engaged the customers were happier. These experiences led me perfectly to my position at Brooklinen, where I am able to combine my background in marketing with my love of working with people.

3. What does your typical day look like?

The day to day can and will change, but usually, my day (as well as my counterpart, Caroline’s) revolves around a number of meetings we have with a couple different teams. We have consistent meetings with Operations, as well as with our BPO, and our in-house team of course! On top of that, we’re always meeting with our Supervisor, Julia, to make sure our goals and initiatives are on track. In addition — we have less frequent meetings with teams like Design & Product Development so we can plan for the future.

For us, it’s important to keep that feedback loop going and have effective management systems in place for our team in-house as well as our teammates at our BPO.

Something I’ve realized as I’ve moved into a management role as opposed to being at the associate level, is that your attitude needs to always be great. When you’re managing a remote and an in-house team, any comment that could seem negative can impact the entire team, and it’s important that you watch how you conduct yourself and react to certain issues so you can set the stage for your teammates so they can handle a hard situation with a smile. That is something that I’m always cognizant of as I’m going throughout my day.

4. What’s the biggest challenge you face as a CX leader?

As a CX leader, fighting for the customer’s best interest. That is something that you can never lose sight of. It’s hard, especially when you walk into any sort of big event or sale, and if you’re making a decision that’s not with the customer’s best interest in mind, we have to fight for that. The decisions made by every department at the business always come back to the CX team. Whether that’s marketing, design, or operations, it impacts (on a small or large scale), the CX team in some way, shape, or form.

It’s tough but rewarding to know that you need to be comfortable with the idea that you are the customer facing team, and whatever decision your colleagues make, you need to be equipped to handle that decision.

5. What type of people do you like to hire?

I like to hire passionate and excited people. I would rather have someone sit down with a huge smile on their face and a lot of energy and a willingness to learn, as opposed to someone who has an idea of exactly what they want to do here. We’ve seen people that are currently on the team who’ve stepped in with very little CX experience, but they had a positive attitude and were passionate about making other people happy, and those are the big successes on the team

6. What’s your favorite CX success story? Internal or external.

There are so many stories of the whole team coming together around Black Friday or Cyber Monday where we do have a pretty aggressive sales event, which leads to a lot of situations where you’re feeling for the customer and helping them win.

The best example that we have is when it was our first Black Friday, it was holiday season 2016, and a customer called in who was going to a Secret Santa party and she needed a comforter and a duvet cover for the next day. We used to have a lot of product that was in the office at the time, so a member of our team pulled out the comforter and the whole team (10 of us), sat around the computer trying to make it work. Next thing you know, we actually set up an Uber rush so that we could take the comforter and duvet cover from Brooklyn to Long Island for the customer. When we hung up, everyone clapped. To see everyone stop what they were doing and come together for one customer is when I realized I was on the right team. Three years later I still smile about it. She was over the moon and I think that’s part of our structure and philosophy: go above and beyond. If the only answer we can find is no, let’s find another solution.

7. Do you have any tips for emerging CX leaders?

Yes, I do! I would say: stick with it. Remember why you got into CX in the first place. I get out of bed in the morning because I love the CX side. Be confident about it! There will be times when you need to take the heat for other people’s decisions. You’re going to have to stick with it. The best feedback I’ve ever given to a customer is: hey, I know why you’re upset. I would be, too. Get on their level and work to their solution.

CX is filled with opportunities. Every interaction, good or bad, is an opportunity for both sides

8. Any fun facts or stories you’d like to share?

Two fun ones! I’m all about duplicates, I have a twin sister, and I have a boyfriend also named Jack!

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