Case Studies

How Kijiji Uses Stella Connect to Streamline and Supercharge Its Contact Center QA Program

Kijiji, an eBay-owned company founded in 2005, began as eBay’s answer to Craigslist: a place where local buyers and sellers can connect with ease. Today, Kijiji is Canada’s largest classified ads site, boasting over 15 million unique visitors per month. Half of Canadians with online access use Kijiji, and each week, nearly 2 million new ads are posted on the site.

With such a high volume of traffic and transactions taking place, Kijiji takes customer support very seriously. That’s why the company moved to address its cumbersome, somewhat unreliable QA program by instituting a real-time customer feedback loop that could better inform supervisors and agents, make coaching more effective, and streamline contact center operations.

Before Stella Connect: A Costly QA Process with Limited Returns

To gather enough performance data to feed the QA process, supervisors would spend up to half their week reviewing 10 interactions per agent. Calls were randomly selected, so there was no systematic way to identify the most urgent or valuable coaching opportunities. Supervisors also had no way of knowing which team members needed the most help or how performance was trending on various measures of service quality.

Calls were evaluated using a lengthy QA form with 40 internal quality measures such as “language quality” and “personability.” Supervisors found the form to be unwieldy, given the number of calls they needed to score. And agents often took issue with their QA scores—which were used to award bonuses—because the scores were based solely on supervisors’ subjective assessments and covered such a small number of interactions.

“No matter how much time they invested in the QA process, supervisors didn’t have the insights they needed to manage their time effectively, personalize the process for each agent, or understand the impact they were making. This left many agents struggling to raise their scores. It was a never-ending cycle that did little to advance our larger brand goals.”

—Graham Jones, Help Desk and Operations Manager

After Stella Connect: Greater Efficiency Yields Faster Progress

Having a steady stream of real-time agent-level customer feedback via Stella Connect has given supervisors and agents a clear, mutually accepted view of agents’ performance and a much greater sense of control.

The old QA process is gone; in its place, supervisors deliver targeted 1:1 micro-coaching on the heels of specific customer feedback and score agents’ performance based on overall star ratings, specific “areas of improvement,” and first call resolution rates. Agents are now compensated based on these new performance measures.

Now that they hear directly from Kijiji’s customers, agents are more aware of the value of their role, more invested in their scores, and more determined to improve their performance. They seek direct feedback from supervisors after negative reviews, and they come to coaching sessions eager to collaborate and solve problems. Agents’ ability and desire to self-correct have made performance management easier and more effective than ever before, and individual improvement now occurs at a much faster rate.

“With Stella Connect, supervisors can readily identify coaching opportunities throughout the day, focus on specific “Areas of Improvement” in QA reviews, and provide timely, actionable coaching where it’s needed most. Agents are more receptive, and they’re more engaged. They self-diagnose and make changes in the moment. Having that customer lens has transformed our contact center operations and benefited our entire organization.”

—Graham Jones, Help Desk and Operations Manager