Agent Motivation

How Swanson Reduced Agent Attrition by 25% in a Single Year

Contact center attrition is an expensive problem for customer service leaders. The cost to hire and onboard a new agent can be upwards of $15,000, and there is always a risk to the brand as new agents come up to speed. Any decrease in attrition is meaningful, but a 25% reduction can have a major impact. That was exactly the reduction achieved by Swanson Health Products, after introducing Stella Connect across its customer service team.

Swanson’s primary goals with Stella Connect were to:

  • Increase visibility into agent performance
  • Motivate and engage agents, and in doing so drive attrition down
  • Deliver agent-level coaching opportunities to team leaders

Collecting customer feedback on customer service agents

Building a More Effective, More Engaged Front-Line Team

Stella Connect’s real-time customer feedback streams gave team leaders exactly what they’d hoped for: a tool that motivated agents and delivered unmatched visibility of individual and collective performance. With average response rates of 35%, the team instantly started relying on Stella Connect feedback to drive agent-level performance management and help inform operational decisions.

Recognizing Agents, Reinforcing Values

Team leaders share positive feedback across the team on an ongoing basis. This helps reinforce the brand’s three core customer service values: 1) humanize the experience; 2) simplify the process; and 3) reassure customers their issues will be resolved correctly. When customer comments mirror one or more of these values, individual agents are called out and recognized. This practice gives agents a morale boost and helps reinforce the company’s customer service mission with the entire service team.

Recognizing agents

Relevant, Timely Coaching and Training

In addition to seizing opportunities for on-the-spot recognition, Stella Connect feedback is also used to drive in-the-moment micro-coaching with individual agents. Team leaders review the stream throughout the day and will deliver 1:1 coaching against individual pieces of feedback as they come in. Swanson’s contact center leaders also assemble daily digests featuring the day’s best and worst interactions and these are shared with team leaders to help drive more effective 1:1 meetings.

This ongoing pulse of agent recognition and more customized approach to training has resulted in agent attrition rates falling by 25% year-over-year since Stella Connect was launched:

“We live and die by the Stella Connect feedback stream. It gives us unmatched visibility into our agents’ performance and helps us deliver more effective 1:1 coaching. Agents love receiving the recognition and more tailored coaching and this has translated into higher levels of engagement, improved service delivery and a 25% improvement in attrition rates.”
Greg German
Customer Service Center Manager, Swanson Health Products

Understanding which Swanson agents performed the best and helping reduce attrition

Building a More Customer-Centric Company

As well as driving agent performance, certain pieces of customer feedback that come through Stella Connect have implications for other teams across the retailer’s business, whether it’s the marketing team, the web team or the fulfillment team. As issues bubble to the surface through the constant pulse of real-time feedback, the information is passed directly to the appropriate teams so they can reduce the customer burden and solve problems they might otherwise miss. Company-wide sharing of customer data not only ensures the entire company is aligned and attuned to the customers it serves, but also enhances the value of the customer service organization.

“The high response rates achieved through Stella Connect help highlight issues in our customer experience in real-time. Whether it’s an issue with our website, or confusion around an offer or promotion, we hear it in real-time and can share it immediately with the relevant internal team. Stella Connect has made the service team the eyes and ears of the company and we’re delivering a better customer experience because of it.”


Motivate your customer service agents with Stella Connect