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Behind Stella Connect’s New Look and Feel

After weeks of preparation, the team at Stella Connect is proud to introduce our brand refresh. The new look and feel reflect our humanized approach to feedback and empowerment of customer service teams. To give you a peek behind the curtain, we sat down with Stella Connect’s CEO Jordy Leiser and Senior Designer Joey Bouchard to share the vision behind the new look. 

The New Age of Customer Service

Traditionally, customer service has been seen as a cost center within a company, and as a result, the industry’s software is often branded with a very stodgy, corporate feel. When front-line agents are represented as nothing more than a metric on a dashboard, it’s not hard to understand why the category needs a renewed sense of humanization. 

But things are changing, and in the modern business landscape, quality of service has become table stakes for business success. Businesses who neglect customer service haven’t survived, whereas companies who have always invested heavily in customer service and the customer experience in general, like Amazon, Apple, Mercedes, and Lululemon, are thriving. Consumers have more choices than ever, so service has become a key differentiator.

“Enterprise software, especially around performance in the contact center, has traditionally been about top-down management and cold KPI performance tracking. Stella Connect goes about things differently in that we build our software with an agent-first approach,” says Leiser. “We want our branding to reflect more of a consumer mentality, with elements that make it softer and more appealing to the individuals using the software every day–whether that’s an agent, team leader, senior executive, or end-consumer.”

What’s In a Name?

The Latin meaning of Stella as “star” served as the primary inspiration for naming the business that would come to represent a more human approach to measuring and boosting customer service performance. The name Stella Connect highlights the importance of that personal connection beyond an initial interaction between front-line agents and customers.

Stella One to One

Employees in big contact centers interact with sterile enterprise systems every day, so Stella Connect is a breath of fresh air and cuts against these uninspired systems to highlight the importance of individual connections and contributions, rather than the function of the task.

The name itself inspired the logo design. The star is shorthand for excellence and embodies a central feature of our platform––the Stella Connect star rating. The hand-drawn logo is designed to represent a sense of progress, with all letters in the name Stella connected and all lines moving up and to the right. Our transition to a single color logo gives the mark a stronger presence, which echoes the theme of this new look and feel: a stronger connection between customers and the brands they do business with.

Humanizing Our Brand

In the age of increasing automation and digitization, it’s more important than ever for companies to build connections with their customers. As an agent-centric tool, Stella Connect is a cousin to our consumer technology peers. Our new look incorporates elements of consumer software branding, which is typically softer and more appealing than traditional enterprise software.

Persona Pages

The photography we’ve chosen to use shows a variety of ambiguous, compelling individuals. “The person on any given page could be an agent, a team lead, an executive, or a customer,” says Bouchard. “You don’t know, and it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day Stella Connect is designed to create a better and more human experience and connection for every person it touches.”

“We wanted to create a stark contrast from the traditional abstraction of charts and performance data visualizations to refocus on the individual doing the hard work on behalf of the customer,” says Leiser. “While trends analysis and quantitative reporting is an important part of the functionality within Stella Connect, it doesn’t represent the inspiration front-line teams get when they use Stella Connect – our solution motivates agents to be at their best on every customer interaction, and we wanted our visual identity to reflect that.”


The focus on individuals inspired the color motif used throughout the website. These friendly and engaging hand-drawn shapes hint at the different emotions involved in the customer experience. The color palette is bright and positive, but the black typography anchors it to its crucial business function. 

“There is a nice human-ness of the design, with no concept of a perfect square or circle, no harsh geometric shapes,” says Leiser. “This new look and feel shows that we can finally take the edge off customer service and get back to the core human connections that make businesses thrive.”