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Stella Star of the Month: Hannah McCabe

Every month, Stella Connect recognizes one of our outstanding team members for raising the bar in their role. This month, we’re commending Hannah McCabe, our Growth Marketing Manager. Hannah, who joined Stella Connect just 3 months ago, has already made a major impact. Hannah not only consistently creates compelling content but has also driven the strategy and execution of several major marketing initiatives. Hannah’s meticulous attention to detail, project management skills, and can-do attitude is unmatched! We chatted with Hannah to learn more about her path to Stella Connect and how she’s adjusting to working remotely over the last few months.


What got you excited about joining the Stella Connect team?

In my career, I’ve hopped from thousand-person organizations to small startups and everything in between; my last company was over 800 people! The most exciting thing about being able to join Stella Connect was the opportunity to join a small, but rapidly growing business where I knew I would be able to add value, contribute to the company’s overall bottom line, and make a huge impact through my work.

What’s been the most fun project you’ve worked on since joining the team?

Creating content is my jam, but in my last role, it wasn’t a skill I got to utilize. Here at Stella, I get to plan our content strategy each quarter and then create that content from the ground up. So far, my favorite project would have to be our Introduction to Customer Satisfaction Metrics ebook. It’s the first long-form piece I’ve written start-to-finish at Stella (but certainly not the last!) and I’m definitely proud of how it turned out.


What’s been your favorite thing about working remotely for the past few months?

The flexibility has been great, and is definitely a privilege I’m thankful for. Recently, I spent a few days down on Cape Cod and was able to keep working as though it was business as usual. Being able to send emails from the comfort of a hammock or a porch looking out toward the beach is good for the soul.


Did you always want to be in content or growth marketing? What got you interested in this type of work?

Nope! I was an English major in college, and always saw myself ending up in the world of publishing. As I got more work experience (shoutout to the co-op program at Northeastern!) I realized that Growth Marketing is the perfect blend of creativity and critical thinking, with data and analytics combined to back it up. Now, I can’t see myself doing anything else!