Driving Bottom
Line Performance



Stella Connect is sold on a flexible per seat pricing model. Despite our standard SaaS pricing, clients don’t think of Stella Connect as an expense; they think of us a tool for driving bottom line performance. We do this in three key ways:

Reduce Agent Attrition

By sharing customer feedback directly with agents, and incorporating gamified elements like rewards and leaderboards, Stella Connect builds more motivated and engaged front-line teams, which is proven to reduce agent churn. Churn is one of the most significant and costliest challenges facing contact centers today.

“Stella Connect is a great motivator. Our team members love reading customer comments and challenging one another to earn the next reward. The result: QA scores that are higher than ever and attrition at an all-time low.”

“Using Stella Connect has transformed the QA process for Warby Parker, allowing us to reduce resources needed to evaluate the quality of interactions.”

“With Stella Connect we’ve seen a measurable uptick in the quality of our service delivery, which enables us to resolve more customer inquiries with fewer staff, and drive more revenue.”