Scale Efficiently


Minimize the costs of hiring and technology as you scale.


Cut Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

As you grow, so to do the systems and processes you put in place. In the early stages, it’s okay to be scrappy, but as you build your team it’s important to implement processes around coaching, QA, and recognition. However, it can be expensive to put all those in place and hire new agents and team leaders.

Increase Agent to Manager Ratio

With feedback alerts, annotations, and 1:1s, Stella Connect reduces the time and effort traditionally required to manage a team of agents. With this kind of visibility, growing teams can easily increase the agent to manager ratio, saving an average salary of $55,000 on hiring a new team leader.

Eliminate Point Solutions

Layering various point solutions into your CX tech stack can be expensive and time-consuming. Stella Connect includes leaderboards, QA, rewards, engagement, and coaching functionality alongside our core customer feedback tool.

“As soon as we started testing Stella Connect we realized we could generate more representative visibility into team performance than our traditional QA program. The business case practically wrote itself—we could reassign our existing QA resources onto service recovery, which would deliver significant cost savings, while also improving our overall customer experience.”

Learn how Stella Connect helps customer service teams mitigate the costs of growth.