Stella Connect for BPOs


Delight your clients with real-time visibility into performance and customer feedback.


Reinforce Your Focus on Quality

Clients often fear that outsourcing customer service will weaken the quality of their service. BPOs use Stella Connect to engage agents, drive performance, utilize coaching, and increase transparency with clients. As a result, clients see these BPOs as trusted partners that are committed to quality.

Request Customer Feedback

BPOs are often seen as black boxes where clients lack visibility into performance and customer sentiment. Stella Connect eliminates the mystery by collecting agent-level customer feedback after every service interaction. With up to 50% response rates, clients gain unmatched visibility into BPO performance.

Engage Your Agents

Engaging your agents is crucial to reduce attrition and provide the best possible service experience. Our engagement tools will help you save thousands in hiring and onboarding costs.

Visibility for Team Leaders

Through Stella Connect, team leaders see feedback for each of the agents they manage. This drive continuous performance improvements and enables in-the-moment coaching.

“Stella Connect lets us deliver value to all key stakeholders. Our client can see how we’re performing throughout the day, our team leaders can manage our agents more effectively, and our agents are highly motivated through feedback and financial incentives. And, perhaps most important, all of this results in improved customer experience and delighted customers.

See Stella Connect in Action

Learn how your BPO can leverage Stella Connect to optimize the agent, customer, and client experience.