Stella Connect and Zapier

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Why 1+1=3

We have developed a seamless Zapier integration which enables you to use apps like Copper, Front, Pipedrive, HelpScout, Deskpro, Jira, LiveChat, Olark, Shopify, Zoho and more. Unlock all the benefits of Stella Connect without any disruption to agent workflow. Through this simple integration you will be able to:

  • Automate Survey Distribution

    Automate distribution of feedback requests once a support or sales interactions has ended.

  • Enrich Customer Feedback

    Associate interaction tags from your app with customer feedback for deeper context.

  • Customize Feedback Requests

    Customize requests by brand or language depending on the interaction type.

  • Set Custom Rules

    Create rule paths for survey distribution within Zapier to suit your specific workflow.

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Stella Connect Workflow

Our Zapier integration unlocks a powerful workflow.


Leading service-focused brands rely on the combined power of Zapier and Stella Connect

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