Stella Summit: Level Up 2020


We kicked off the end of 2020 (see ya!) with a day-long summit recognizing the resilience of CX professionals just like you, and it was one for the books!
Sign up for the recordings to see how we celebrated by learning from best in the biz about how they have been able to take their CX strategy to the next level – and how they’ll continue into 2021.

Stella Connect Empowers Front-line Teams to Perform at Their Best

Stella Connect is the first platform that connects customer feedback, QA, and coaching, giving CX leaders visibility into performance and driving improvement of front-line teams.

Customer feedback, coaching, and QA are typically disconnected–save time and money by centralizing them in one platform.

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The CX Management Tool Your Team Actually Likes

Stella Connect drives agent engagement and performance for both in-house and outsourced customer service teams.

Our Clients Say It All

At Stella Connect, we help brands build happier, higher performing front line teams.

“Stella Connect is an amazing asset for our team and has totally changed the way we think about driving engagement across our contact center. The product is helping us take our service to the next level with a win-win for both our team and our customers.”

“With Stella Connect, we can pinpoint actionable bits of feedback that our team leaders can use in one-on-one meetings to push our Event Experts to get better and better.”

Stella Connect Drives Immediate Business Impact

Stella Connect pays for itself, you do the math:

Reduce Agent Attrition

More motivated and empowered agents will stick around for longer, reducing the expense and disruption of hiring and onboarding new team members.

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Scale Teams More Cost Effectively

The deep visibility Stella Connect delivers will enable you to increase your agent to team leader ratio meaning you can expand your front-line team without costly manager expenses.

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Increase Repeat Purchases

People who receive bad service don’t stick around, while people who feel the love can become customers for life. Stella enables you to improve your overall service performance and make things right after subpar interactions.

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Intrigued? We hoped you might be.

Find out how Stella Connect can transform your service operation.