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Take your coaching to a whole new level with Stella 1:1s! Make 1:1s effortless for Team Leaders and give Team Members more ways to contribute to their own growth.


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Save Time & Prepare 1:1s with Ease

Stella Connect 1:1s takes away all of the usual pain points of conducting 1:1s. Now, you can make them easily visible, actionable, engaging, and more impactful. 

Don’t Miss a Beat While Coaching Virtually

Don’t let your coaching slack off – even if you aren’t sitting in the same room. Ensure your team is getting effective and impactful coaching.

Coach with Context

Easily organize performance-oriented 1:1 meetings, in the office or on your sofa,
across the room or around the globe.

Make Every 1:1 Session Actionable

With 1:1s through Stella Connect, team leaders can take virtual notes, give kudos, and create action plans for their team. This gives agents a holistic picture of their performance to help drive engagement and development.

Recognize Your Team’s Great Work

Give kudos to recognize your team for all of the great work they do every day.

Organize Your Coaching

Have all of your 1:1s in a single place. This ensures that important details are never forgotten despite the fast pace of contact center work or the distractions that come from working at home.

Give Team Members the Power to Contribute to Their Own Growth

Coaching should be all about the agent, and Stella 1:1s lets agents help guide their own growth and improvement. 

Coach the Coach

Stella Connect 1:1s is not only a great tool for coaching agents, but also for coaching the coaches. Use 1:1s to review past coaching sessions and conduct 1:1s with the coaches to help them improve.

Transform in-person and virtual 1:1s with the performance management tool designed specifically for call centers.

Make 1:1s count with Stella Connect.

“We live and die by the Stella Connect feedback stream. It gives us unmatched visibility into our agents’ performance and helps us deliver more effective 1:1 coaching. Agents love receiving the recognition and more tailored coaching and this has translated into higher levels of engagement, improved service delivery and a 25% improvement in attrition rates.”