Agent Engagement


Motivate agents for top performance.


Share Customer Feedback Directly With Agents

With Stella Connect, customer feedback is collected and shared directly with agents in real-time. This constant stream of feedback drives engagement, motivation, and retention.

Enable Self-Correcting Behavior

Negative feedback happens. When it does, give agents the chance to self-correct and proactively reach out to team leaders for help or clarification. This level of transparency puts agents in the driver’s seat.

Encourage Collaboration and Friendly Competition

Build a sense of community throughout your contact center with performance leaderboards. Leaderboards are updated hourly and optimized for display around your contact center.

Highlight Agent Performance

Great work deserves recognition. Sharing functionality built into Stella, including a seamless Slack integration, automatically sends positive feedback out across your team, to executives, or even the whole organization.

Empower Your Agents

Each agent has access to a dedicated dashboard, providing a macro view of their individual performance over time. With ongoing visibility into their performance, there are no surprises.

“The real-time agent-level feedback empowers our managers like never before and drives self-correcting behavior across our front-line team. The results: a more engaged and higher performing team, which translates into more satisfied and loyal customers.

Engaged agents deliver better customer service. 

Motivate and retain top talent with Stella Connect.

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