Agent Motivation

Four Things We Learned at Our Stella Summit

In October, we hosted our Stella Summit: Level Up 2020, where we talked with CX leaders and innovators in several different industries about how they are leveling up their customer experience strategies to meet modern demands. 

In our sessions, we chatted with people from companies like Quicken Loans, Walmart, sweetgreen, and ESPN to name a few.

Whether you’re an industry veteran or someone who’s just learning the ropes, there’s always more to learn about how to modernize and innovate in the space. Here are the four best things we learned from talking to our friends and partners.

Preserve Culture While Working Remote

You know that saying: you don’t know what you have until it’s gone? Well, the same sentiment has been felt across the board in 2020. With so many CX teams moving from a bustling office environment to working from their kitchen tables, there’s no doubt that managers are adjusting to managing remotely while employees are missing their office culture. 

We chatted with sweetgreen’s Jennifer Duguay about just that. During our conversation, she stressed the importance of having activities like drink and draw on Zoom and informal check-ins to preserve that healthy office culture to keep your agent’s positivity up so that they can deliver the best customer experience possible. 

Jennifer made us ask ourselves, how could we all cultivate a positive culture while working remotely, and is there anything that we could do better?

The Importance of QA and a Feedback Driven Culture in 2020

It’s no question that being in the customer experience world requires empathy and a lot of it. Training new agents or providing feedback to veterans used to be a challenge because it relied heavily on gaining feedback from customers who were willing to sit on the phone for an extra five or ten minutes to answer survey questions. 

When we sat with Micah Citti from ESPN to talk about this, he brought up some great points about the importance of having a great feedback system. Putting a customer feedback strategy in place not only helps leaders with team training but also gives team members the feedback they need for motivation and help them see where in a call they went wrong or went right.

A great feedback system is not only important for improving the customer experience itself but also plays a key role in motivating the agents when they need it most. 

Focus on the Possible “Grows”

Down to earth and brimming with knowledge and insight, Dre Allen from Quicken Loans really drove this point home when we chatted with her during our fireside session.

One of the things she said was a lightbulb moment for us: instead of thinking in terms of pros and cons, she recommends that leaders and agents alike “focus on the possible grows.” Just like in our last point about fostering a feedback-driven culture, creating an ownership culture is just as important. 

When agents own the customer experience that they deliver on every call, it makes them more likely to continue to strive to deliver better and better experiences throughout each interaction.

Digital Transformation for a Better CX

During our On Hold with John and Romon: Live! We had the opportunity to chat with Walmart’s Dave Harris about digital transformation for an omnichannel customer experience. He mentioned something that really resonated with our philosophy here at Stella Connect: customer experience is all about making your customers’ lives better. 

One of the ways to do that is by making sure that the experience you’re delivering is saving your customer’s time. Connecting the customer journey into one feasible action plan for your agents will help create a more seamless experience.

When asked about how Walmart is approaching their COVID-19 customer experience, he said, “Reduce defects that get in the way of customers having an effortless experience, automate away the simple problems that we have, and have great people there to help customers who have challenging problems.”

Digital transformation for Walmart is as much about helping customers have seamless experiences as it is to save agent time and maximize the current CX team that they have by using technology to connect the dots

Employee Experience for a Better Customer Experience

The resounding theme in all of our sessions seems to be as much about the employee experience as it is about the customer experience.

When agents have the right tools in place and a positive remote culture, not only will they be motivated to deliver great experiences but the positive mindset will resonate on every call.

Though our speakers and attendees joined us at Stella Summit from the comfort of their couches instead of on the conference center floor, one thing remained the same: the insight gained from our conversations with CX leaders.

To hear what they have to say about how you can provide the best customer experience possible no matter what the situation, check out our full Stella Summit: Level Up 2020 sessions on-demand today.