Stella Connect Introduces Streamlined and Actionable QA

At Stella Connect, we aim to empower CX teams to perform at their best. As we continued conversations with our clients, who represent some of the most innovative businesses in the world, we found that quality assurance (QA) is a critical yet broken component of frontline team performance. As we developed our product roadmap, we saw the opportunity to make the QA process more fun, engaging, and meaningful to agents. In tandem with our existing solutions, we recognized that we are in a unique position to tie customer feedback, QA, and coaching together in one holistic solution.

Here’s how we set out to revolutionize the QA process:

The Problem

Over 90 percent of Stella clients do some type of customer service QA, yet traditionally the QA process has been extremely manual and time-consuming. As a result, CX teams typically dread this process and often wait to complete their QA reviews until weeks after the interactions actually occur. This makes it extremely difficult to derive any meaningful insight from them or identify actionable next steps for the agents.

Stella Connect’s QA Solution

Stella Connect is excited to announce the official launch of our new beautifully designed QA solution. We set out to design a QA experience that is focused on coaching that drives agent improvement, which is why our QA feature works in real-time, right after any customer interaction. Now, when an agent receives their QA reviews, the interactions are top of mind and they can use the real-time feedback to start self-correcting right away.

Real-Time QA

Stella Connect’s QA solution makes it easy to serve up the most recent customer interactions for real-time QA reviews. Conducting QA reviews as soon as possible is much more effective than waiting days, weeks, or even months to provide agents with valuable performance feedback. To that end, agents receive access to their reviews as soon as they’re completed, so they can review and make immediate performance improvements.

Actionable QA

QA should be as intuitive and actionable as possible, which is why we’ve introduced the ability to add annotations to transcripts as easily as you would to a Google Doc, without requiring a score.

The process of consolidating QA data and using it to derive trends has traditionally been difficult and time-consuming. Stella Connect’s solution changes the game by introducing reporting functionality that empowers CX teams to quickly understand the performance of a QA program over time, get granular insight into where the team excels and areas that need improvement, and easily dig into trend details to better inform coaching.

Unified Customer Feedback, QA, and Coaching

Customer feedback, coaching, and QA have been disconnected for too long––we’re changing that. Centralizing them in one platform has massive potential to save CX teams time and money. This combination gives CX teams the ability to select interactions to review based on customer feedback, enabling QA managers to dig into the driving factors behind both positive and negative customer interactions. Uniting customer feedback, QA, and coaching empowers teams to drill into different ticket categories, make the most of calibration sessions, and provide agent coaching in real time.

Stella Connect has set out to revolutionize traditional QA, and we want to help CX teams build a more effective and impactful process. Learn how our tools can help you streamline QA and build a higher performing CX organization.

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