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6 Tips for Delivering Better Customer Service

Your agents on the frontlines are fielding inquiries, sifting through comments, and handling interactions across email, chat, SMS, social media, phone calls, in person, and more. They’re bringing their A-game, embodying your company’s brand values, and putting customers first.

What else can they—and your organization—do to make things even easier for the consumer?

Here are our six tips for delivering better customer service right away. 

6 Tips for Delivering Better Customer Service

#1: Align your customer service team’s approach with customer expectations

Customer interactions with employees are one of the top factors that impact CSAT scores, which is why an important component of providing excellent customer service is treating the customer with care and empathy. 

A great way to see how your team members are tracking in this very area is to use a customer service agent performance scorecard that assesses whether your agents are:

  • Communicating with customers in a thoughtful manner
  • Embodying your brand’s voice and values
  • Demonstrating empathy 

#2: Reduce customer effort and response times

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from asking consumers what factors matter the most when influencing their purchasing decisions and brand loyalties as part of our Customer Service Trends for 2022 report, it’s that the power of customer service is real. As we’ve said before, customer service can make or break your business.

In fact, 95% of consumers take customer service into consideration when making purchases and more than half (62% of US consumers) say they would switch brands after a poor experience. 

According to our research, two areas that can influence whether customers have a negative interaction include:

  • Customer effort: 70% of customers tell us they’re only willing to reach out to customer service 2-3 times before they will either leave a negative review or switch to a competitor
  • Wait times: 35% of US consumers and just under 30% of UK consumers tell us they’d only be willing to wait up to 5 minutes for a response from customer service

#3: Capture and analyze customer feedback, customer sentiment, and CX stats in real time

Collecting these critical insights in the moment is a customer service priority for leaders in 2022. Organizations can only deliver better customer service if they know how they’re doing and where there’s room for growth.

That’s why it’s important to keep track of measures of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and effort, as well as capture the voice of the customer and understand overall sentiment. 

According to our findings, nearly all customers (87%) are more likely to share feedback about their experiences if they know it will help agents improve their ability to provide service for future customers

#4: Use customer service quality assurance quality checks and call center quality monitoring scorecards

Effective QA processes can help organizations deliver better customer service by highlighting opportunities to:

  • Ensure consistency in performance across the organization
  • Improve customer service agent performance
  • Foster agent development
  • Boost agent morale
  • Enable actionable training based on customer feedback
  • Encourage self-correcting behavior
  • Address the underlying causes of negative customer feedback
  • Support agent growth and development

#5: Create a best-in-class customer service training program designed to strengthen customer service team outcomes

Is your customer service training program delivering desired results? Here are some of the fundamentals for creating an effective customer service training program: 

  • Balance 1:1 coaching designed to drive individual agent performance with group trainings designed to maximize team spirit and brand pride
  • Keep your agents’ learning styles and preferences in mind to ensure everyone stays engaged
  • Share the voice of the customer and real-time customer KPIs with agents so they understand pain points and how they’re performing and can self correct
  • Incorporate employee rewards and recognition to boost agent engagement and satisfaction, which, in turn, can increase customer engagement and satisfaction

#6: Have a service recovery strategy

Creating a service recovery strategy will help you ensure no customer that has a poor experience slips through the cracks again. Here are the steps you can take to use service recovery to win customers back

  • Set up filters to automatically flag negative customer feedback for review
  • Route these issues to the appropriate team member to close the loop
  • Request feedback after you’ve followed up with the customer to see if their experience improves
  • Measure the impact of your service recovery efforts over time

The Tools You Need for Delivering Better Customer Service

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