Coach with real-time feedback and QA.


Identify Coaching Opportunities

Stella Connect captures customer feedback on agent performance after every service interaction. With response rates of up to 50% and real-time feedback streams, team leaders can easily identify and act on meaningful coaching opportunities.

Why Real-Time Coaching is the key to success

Never Miss a Coaching Moment

Configurable alerts send instant notifications when an agent receives a piece of negative feedback. Team leaders can then review the feedback, link to the full ticket, and coach the agent to show them how they can do better in the future.

Deliver Positive Reinforcement

The constant flow of feedback not only enables coaching against negative feedback, but also empowers team leaders to give agents positive reinforcement immediately after a positive interaction.

Coach Agents in the Moment

So often, too much time passes between a negative interaction and agent coaching. Stella Connect gives team leaders the tools to identify micro-coaching opportunities and deliver immediate feedback.

“With Stella Connect, supervisors can readily identify coaching opportunities throughout the day, focus on specific ‘Areas of Improvement’ in QA reviews, and provide timely, actionable coaching where it’s needed most.”

Don’t wait until an interaction is long forgotten, provide real-time coaching with Stella Connect.

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