Measure the KPIs that matter, at scale.


Uncover Agent-level CSAT

Stella Connect’s visual and engaging surveys unlock more value for brands and drive deeper customer connections. Our clients see response rates up to 10x higher than industry averages, which provides a more complete view of whatever metric matters most.

Capture Metrics That Matter

With Stella Connect you can fully customize these additional questions based on your team’s objectives, whether it’s customer effort score, transactional NPS, or first contact resolution.

Empower with Transparency

All too often CSAT scores are only reviewed and acted on by senior leadership. With Stella Connect, agents and team leaders have ongoing access to individual CSAT scores, making the data more actionable and valuable across your organization.

Humanize Your Service

Customer feedback surveys don’t have to be drab and impersonal. With Stella Connect, you have the option to include photos and bios of your agents to humanize your support interactions, or choose from various custom avatars to make a personal connection while maintaining privacy.

Unite Your Data

CX data points like CSAT, transactional NPS, CES, and FCR provide crucial business insights. Stella Connect offers a fully flexible API that enables you to flow data directly into your CRM platforms, BI tools, or any other analytics platforms you use.

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Stella Connect gives us the tools we need to make agents perform at their very best. You can really feel the improvement in service delivery and it’s really exciting to see this reflected in our improved CSAT scores.”

Whether you’re an agent, team lead, or executive, get complete visibility into the metrics that matter most. 

Take your CSAT score to the next level with Stella Connect.

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