Customer Feedback

Optimize agent performance with real-time customer feedback.


Beautifully Designed. Instantly Actionable.

Trigger agent-level customer feedback requests after every service interaction. Our carefully designed surveys generate response rates of up to 50%, giving you a truly representative view of your customer sentiment and agent performance.

Humanize Your Service

Customer feedback surveys don’t have to be drab and impersonal. With Stella Connect, you have the option to include photos and bios of your agents to humanize your support interactions, or choose from various custom avatars to make a personal connection while maintaining privacy.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Star ratings and free text fields capture customer feedback in a simple and engaging way. Stripping surveys back to their most actionable core will let you achieve response rates up to 10x higher than industry averages.

Engage and Reward Top Performers

Customers can suggest rewards for a job well done, and team leads can then share reward votes directly with agents. Adding gamified elements drives agent engagement in a way that is simply not possible with traditional customer feedback surveys.

Why is Good So Good?

Drill into the specific drivers of positive customer feedback. By using Stella Connect to dive a layer deeper, team leaders can identify coaching opportunities even for top performers.

Metrics That Matter

Customer effort scores, transactional NPS, first contact resolution: use Stella Connect to capture the metrics that matter to your business, at a scale that will give you a clearer and more actionable picture.

Turn Bad Into Good

Use Stella Connect to spotlight negative service experiences in real-time. Understanding what went wrong enables in-the-moment agent coaching and gives you the opportunity to make things right with your customers.

Build Awareness and Drive Sales

Harness the spark created after positive service interactions by inviting customers to share their experience across their social channels. This powerful feature will raise the profile of your service operation and help drive more sales.

Because Looks Matter

We have spent years crafting and refining a feedback survey that delights customers and drives the highest engagement rates in the industry. Customization capabilities allow you to refine key elements to fit the specific look and feel of your brand.

Feedback At Every Agent Touchpoint

Customers interact with your agents across multiple different channels, so you need a true, cross-channel feedback tool. With Stella Connect, feedback requests can be triggered after phone, email, chat, SMS or social interactions, giving you maximum visibility.

Multiple Languages, Multiple Options

Stella Connect surveys can be displayed in more than 30 different languages, allowing you to send and receive feedback in the language your agents interact in. Additional languages can be added quickly upon request.

Unlock the power of customer feedback with Stella Connect. 

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