Improve Customer Satisfaction


Provide service that keeps customers coming back for more.


Protect Your Brand

The cost of bad service can have a major impact on any business. Not only does it prevent customers from returning, but it can also have a ripple effect on social media. Don’t let one bad service interaction damage your brand.

Empower Agents to Provide Unbeatable Service

Never let a negative interaction fall through the cracks again. Stella Connect provides customizable alerts for negative feedback so team leaders can easily troubleshoot with real-time coaching, QA, and action-oriented 1:1 meetings. Keep agents performing at their best because better service = happier customers.

Introduce Service Recovery

Service recovery workflows empower service teams to make things right after a negative interaction. Get notified after a customer reports a poor interaction, open a new ticket to follow up, and easily measure the change in customer sentiment. This helps retain customers you may have otherwise lost.

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“Launching our service recovery program with Stella Connect has driven measurable change across our contact center. Agents are more aware of the impact of delivering poor service experiences and this has resulted in proactive improvements in service delivery, which means higher quality experiences for customers.

Keep your customers coming back by delivering outstanding service and proactively addressing any negative interactions.