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Tools to Measure and Improve Customer Service


Stella Connect lets you collect customer feedback and use it to drive agent engagement, deliver high impact coaching programs, build a service recovery workflow, and drive product innovation.

Measure Service Quality and Humanize Your Brand

With Stella Connect, you can automatically send surveys to customers after every service interaction in Dixa. Our people-focused feedback requests include a photo and brief bio of your agents that help you humanize your brand and build deeper customer connections.

Keep a Real-Time Pulse on Service Performance

Streams and dashboards give team leaders a macro and micro view of the performance of the agents they manage. These tools empower team leaders to deliver positive feedback, coach agents in real-time and make things right with customers who have had subpar experiences.

Scale Your Team More Cost Effectively

Real-time agent-level performance insights, and more automated coaching and QA programs will enable you to scale your service team more effectively. Team leaders will be able to manage larger pods of agents, and you’ll need fewer QA resources because of a more streamlined and effective program.

Constantly Improve your Products and Policies

Align Dixa interaction tags, departments and brand information with customer feedback to capture actionable insights that you can use to drive product innovation and highlight where policies might need to be updated to keep customers delighted.

Build Brand Awareness and Drive Sales

When customers leave positive feedback, they are encouraged to share their great experiences across social channels, review platforms or websites. Harness this feature to spread the word about your brand, as well as push special offers, referrals or promotions.

Keep Your Agents Motivated and Engaged

Customer feedback flows in real-time into the Stella Connect platform. Positive feedback drives engagement; negative feedback drives self-correcting behavior, which reduces the coaching burden on your service leaders and helps ramp new hires more quickly. As well as being displayed in Stella, feedback can also flow into third party integrations like Slack, Google Sheets and Domo, enabling you to develop custom reports.

Make Things Right With Customers After Negative Interactions

When a negative interaction occurs we will automatically create a follow-up ticket in Dixa using our service recovery workflow, enabling you to instantly make things right with customers after subpar interactions.

Measure your Customer Service Recovery Program

Automatically send out a second survey when Dixa recovery conversations are solved, enabling you to measure the impact of your service recovery program on customer sentiment.

QA in Real-Time

Stella Connect allows QA managers to make annotations on interactions that don’t warrant a full review, or launch a full review from any interaction. This is not only a better use of time, but also provides a more holistic view of agent performance.

Transform the way you measure and improve your customer service.